Ana Levac (Née Manase)

Service funéraire: Lundi, 18 Septembre, 2023 14h:00
Graveside Service
Cimetière: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery
Des dons:
Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors, (514) 734-1825

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Arlene Lutter - 13 jours

I am saddened to hear of Ana’s passing . Mrs Levac, as our family knew her, was a very dear person to my late mom, Millie Lutter. and our family .She was our dressmaker and there was nothing she could not fix or make smaller or larger, the clothing actually looking more beautiful than before . My mom would see her often and I often wondered if the visits were as much about spending time with she and Mr Levac as it was about the clothes . . Mr Levac was also a master tailor and both my late Dad and husband thought highly of him . My Dad and he shared a love of classical music. It was about five to six years ago when I spent an hour with them on a bench outside their condo building. Ana’s eyesight had failed . We talked about my parents and their relationship with them . Mr Levac sobbed as he recalled the memories . It was an hour that I shall hold close to my heart forever . The next day he left a beautiful voice mail message on my phone This was a beautiful couple who had lived through the Holocaust and whose lives were marked with deep meaning and extraordinary devotion to each other .. May they both rest together in eternal peace.

Paul Morton &Sandy Baitel - 13 jours

Mr & Mrs Levac are now together again ,just as they were together when at Shaare Synagogue. May they both now enjoy eternal peace . They will be missed.

Ellen Pesner - 13 jours

Mr. And Mrs. Levac were always in synagogue together. They were warm and friendly and pleasure to talk to. I loved listening to Mr. Levac daven in the old European style that reminded me of my grandparents. May they both rest in peace. They are missed.

Sandy Kogut - 13 jours

Such an amazing couple! I’m hoping they will be reunited! Their devotion to each other was something so rare to witness.BDE

Sylvia Lerman - 13 jours

Ana and Maier were a very sweet couple. I remember how Maier took exceptional care of Ana until his passing. May the be reunited again in happiness and surrounded by the love they had for eachother. b'h Sylvia Lerman

Diane and Arthur Newman - 13 jours

She always referred to me as her ARTUR. Maier and Ana were like family to me , they are now together, she is now at peace.

Sharon Kaufman - 13 jours

My late parents and I met Ana and Maier at shul. They were kind and gentle people who were completely devoted to each other. Maier and my father had a mutual love of classical music and that started a warm friendship that lasted until Maier passed away. I used to run into them often in Côte St. Luc shopping centre and they were always arm in arm. They are now together again and may they both rest in peace.

Sarah Samra - 13 jours

Ana and Maier were faithful congregants at Shaare Zedek. She used to bake Purim cookies for my children. A friendly and warm woman, one could not see or feel in their demeanour that they had lived through horrors during the Shoah. Their love for, and devotion to each other kept them moving forward. My sadness at her passing is tempered by my relief that once again, they are together, this time for eternity.

Charna Young - 14 jours

Ana & Maier were my condo neighbors, he was an exceptional tailor & she, a talented dressmaker. As Ana’s eyesight was declining, Maier became her caregiver, never leaving her side until his health declined. The vision of them always lovingly walking arm in arm will be remembered.