Albert Bregman

Service funéraire: Jeudi, 25 Mai, 2023 13h:00
Graveside Service
Shiva: Shiva privé. S'il vous plaît appelez Paperman & Sons pour l'adresse.
Cimetière: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery

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Alex Chechile - 6 jours

Sending my deepest condolences to Al’s family and friends. While I only knew Al through his research, his work was deeply impactful for many, myself included.

Allan Lazar - 6 jours

Dear Abigail, So sorry to hear of Al's passing. Seeing his photo brought back so many memories of you and Al. Sending you my deepest condolences

Poppy Crum - 8 jours

Dear Abigail, I am so sad to learn of Al’s passing and for your loss. As a student of Al’s - in a small part of his time and legacy he changed and shaped my life in ways that only keep growing. After a course at McGill, another professor prompted me to knock on Al’s door for insight. For that, I am forever grateful. Conversations with Al about music, science, or life conundrums always left remarkable perspective that in a few cleverly chosen words changed my assumptions or took me down a path to find the more impactful questions. Al shaped my life as a scientist and more importantly as a person in ways I am daily thankful. Always joy at finding a simpler form to a solution of a problem in true Gestalt inspiration. Al’s mind and essence gave to us all. His delight in understanding the human mind with unwavering honestly and kindness were transformative and inspiring as a teacher, mentor, and friend. I miss him dearly.

Norma Freedman - 11 jours

Dear Abigail, So sorry to hear about your loss Please accept me condolences Norma Freedman

Suresh Krishna - 11 jours

In around 2000 or so, when I was a graduate student visiting Montreal and stuck in a snowstorm , I wrote to the "guy who wrote the book" on a lark, and Al generously invited me to visit the lab and took me out to lunch. It meant a lot to me at that time and at that stage in my life, perhaps more than Al could have guessed. Pierre Ahad was there as well. After I came back to Montreal 20 years later, I reached out to Al to say hello and had a short email correspondence with him - I was happy to chat with him in another stage of his life. A scientist and man who touched and influenced many lives, he will live on both in many warm and fond memories for a while and in the scientific literature for much longer.

Jasmina Ferkovic - 11 jours

Dear Abigail, My deepest condolences to you and your family. We wish him eternal rest and may he rest with his loved ones.

Rosemary Mountain - 11 jours

Our deepest sympathies are with you, Abigail, and all the family on your loss. Harry and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have been able to spend many hours with Al in his later years, and regret that we could not get back to Montreal for a last visit. His work was a key to my own research into analysis of complex music, and my move back to Montreal was motivated in part with the hope that I would be able to spend time asking him questions, so it was highly satisfying to have his advice and feedback on various projects, and of course we treasure the many social occasions we spent, which were always laced with stimulating research questions no matter what the subject matter. We are happy to do our part to ensure that his legacy continues.

David Pariser & Elaine Tolmatch - 11 jours

May his memory be a blessing. We have been with Al many times over the years and he was a remarkable man- modest, knowledgeable ,accessible, humorous . Along with his many intellectual gifts there was his gift for truly listening to you in conversation. When speaking to him, you had his full , empathic attention. His playfulness was always evident and his taste for light things as well as his love for his discipline was always there. We recall that when he retired he told us with genuine pleasure that he was re-reading Edgar Rice Burrows (Tarzan) and Robert Louis Stevenson! Al was a human being oif the first order and an honored and recognized scholar. We will miss him. May he rest in peace.

Francesco Tordini - 11 jours

Dear Abigail, Please accept my deepest condolences. I truly am saddened, and at the same time I cannot stop smiling in thinking at Al's as in the present and remembering his special way to be, at the same time kind, sharp and humorous. Al has been a wonderful, incredibly generous mentor to me and he will keep a very special presence in my heart and memories. With love and warmth to you from my whole family, Francesco, Lucia, Dario and Dania.

Henkjan Honing - 12 jours

What can I say. I was just a PhD student, invited to his house in the early nineties with peers like Ani Patel, Stephe McAdams and others. A truly inspiring man. And role model for many. But most of all an inspiration to those fascinated by music, cognition and more.

Wieslaw WoszczykW - 12 jours

Dear Abigail, It is with great sadness that we received the news of Al’s passing. We are thinking of the impact this event brings to you and your family and offer sympathy. Trudy and I recall the beauty of Al’s life and the joyful relationship between you. We remember the spirited musical evening parties at your home in NDG, your generosity of spirit, time, and attention. You had a beautiful home, an inviting space for sharing and building a human understanding. Al’s humility was astounding to me, he asked probing questions, yet he was world’s utmost expert whose curiosity meant there is more and more to explore. His patience, ability to observe and analyze, to pause and open avenues for thought and discussion were unique. We hope that you will carry on with joy and know how deep Al’s presence reverberates now in the lives he touched directly and indirectly. We celebrate his life in the generous gifts he handed to us. Wieslaw and Trudy Woszczyk

James Wright (Professor of Music, Carleton University, Ottawa) - 12 jours

Dear Abigail, I am deeply saddened to hear of Al’s passing, and I want to send my most heartfelt condolences to you and the entire family. During the 1980s I co-authored a published paper with Al, and together with the late Bo Alphonce of the Faculty of Music he co-supervised my M.A. thesis dealing with auditory scene analysis and music theory. I was so incredibly fortunate to have been able to work under Al’s supervision at McGill, and he remains by far my most important and formative mentor and model. Whenever a tricky or provocative question arose during our many meetings and discussions, I will never forget how Al would suddenly gaze distantly out the window of his 8th floor office on Penfield Avenue, as if he were juggling the full range of possible answers or angles of inquiry in his mind. When he would return to our conversation seconds later, he had usually formulated a range of research approaches and paradigms that might help us get to the bottom of the matter. Al’s razor sharp intellect, his tireless energy for research, his passion for engagement with the international research community of which he was a leading figure, his inimitable sense of humour, and his profound kindness and decency will continue to be an inspiration to all of us who knew and admired him so much. His presence and example will never leave us. James Wright (Professor of Music, Carleton University, Ottawa)

Shelley Schwartz - 12 jours

Dear Abigail and family. So sorry for your loss. My best Shelley Schwartz

Caroline Palmer - 12 jours

Dear Abagail, I was very fortunate to meet Al when he was a regular figure around the department, always generous with his time to talk about research. With Al’s droll wit always waiting to break out in conversation, there was never a dull moment. Al’s ASA book was a labour of love and has influenced so many generations of auditory scientists. It brought him into the limelight, something he never seemed to aspire to. My sincere condolences. Al will be dearly missed.

Dr. Souza, Allan Christian Domingues - 13 jours

Fly high, Dr. Bregman! Thank you very much for your legacy! You will be always alive through our scientific works! Allan

Lisa Bidner - 13 jours

Dear Abigail, Though we only knew your husband for a short time at Maimonides, he seemed to be a kind and gentle man, who had a wealth of knowledge. We hope your memories of better times will help you through this difficult period. Lisa Bidner

John Chowning - 13 jours

A vivid memory: a few years ago, while giving a talk about my work at McGill, Al raised his hand and challenged an assertion I made. He was correct and filled out his argument with humor. His was an incisive mind but soft and warm around the edges. With your loss, Abigail, as you see here, you may take comfort in knowing that Al did not disappear.

Jonathan Berger - 14 jours

My deep condolences. I knew Al when I was a doctoral composer at CCRMA and he was working on ASA. He was a gentle and inspiring soul who taught me a great deal. I have used his work throughout my teaching career in so many diverse course. He will be sorely missed - and his work will remain vibrant and inspiring.

Chris Chafe - 14 jours

Al became a close family fiend during his time at Stanford University decades ago. Our subsequent get togethers with Al and Abigail are cherised memories. We all miss his smile, playfulness and that profound interest in just about everything. It was infectious. Al's insights into music and sound opened a field that is thriving today more than ever. My role as director of Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) gives me a vantage point from where I see his theories and demonstrations in use. They are essential in our teaching and research, and the same is true worldwide in the field. From my family to his, all our sincerest condolences, we miss you all.

Bradley Vines - 14 jours

Dear Abigail, Please accept my heartfelt condolences. As an undergraduate student, I was fortunate enough to learn of Al’s work, which deeply inspired me. Having him as an advisor and mentor through my Ph.D. research and beyond was a true honor. His ability to think deeply, insatiable curiosity, and sheer joy in exploring ideas were wonderful to behold. His thoughtful encouragement and warm-hearted support have left an indelible impression on me, shaping the person and scholar that I am and seek to become. With love and gratitude, Bradley

David Huron - 14 jours

Unlike others, I had only a passing personal acquaintance with Al: perhaps in total no more than about 30 minutes of conversation at conferences over the years. Nevertheless, his research had a dramatic effect on my life. Burned into my memory was a presentation Al gave on July 15, 1981 at a small conference on Music and Psychology at Queen's University. His presentation on auditory scene analysis was my introduction to how psychology might account for many musical practices. The effect was electrifying, and that spark has inspired me for the past forty years. Know that, apart from those who knew him personally, Al's research has had a deep and wide impact. Scholars will be referring to his work for centuries to come. David Huron, Musicologist

Tom Shultz - 15 jours

Dear Abigail and family, we are truly sorry for your loss. Al was a warm friend and close colleague, often ready to offer penetrating questions and engage in spirited debate. He will be fondly remembered and deeply missed by his friends, colleagues, and students. Please accept our sincerest condolences. Tom and Judy.

Valter Ciocca - 15 jours

Dear Abigail, we are so sad to hear about Al's passing. We are sorry for your loss. We had the privilege to enjoy his sense humour and his kindness during out visits to Montreal, and when you came to visit us in Hong Kong and Vancouver. Al was the quintessential educator, and an inspiring mentor. As a scientist, he was critical but open-minded. He taught by example, by scrutinizing his own ideas as thoroughly as other people's, and without taking himself too seriously. Above all, he was a wonderful person. Please accept our sympathies. Love to all. Valter, Gillian and Francesca

Adam Gopnik - 15 jours

Dear Abigail: Though , at his advice, I skipped out of psychology for art history, I rarely knew a more inspiring mentor ,at McGill or elsewhere , and I was so pleased to be able to present his presence to my readers in The New Yorker. A great teacher is known by the imprint he leaves on others; he left a gentle, permanent footprint in all our minds.

Melanie Dirks - 15 jours

Dear Abigail and family, I was so sad to learn of Al’s passing. I joined the Department of Psychology at McGill in 2009, and I was so impressed by how Al went out of his way to get to know and support his more junior colleagues. We all fondly remember how he was the life of a party – wearing his suspenders and shorts! – celebrating the promotion of a number of department members that year. It was only later that I realized how important his contributions to the field were, both through his scholarship and his teaching. Our department will not be the same without him. Melanie Dirks

Don Donderi - 15 jours

Verna and I enjoyed many years of friendship with Al and with Abigail. Our friendship was strengthened by professional respect and by our mutual inclination not to take everything too seriously. Al joined Abigal's family, and the always entertaining Sibley-Bregman household was a big part of our life for many years. Al was a good man, he lived a good life and his many other friends and I will miss him.

Irv & Helen Binik - 15 jours

Dear Abigail, Please accept our heartfelt condolences. We have many wonderful memories of spending time with you and Al. His passing is personal loss and a loss for psychology. There are so many students who were inspired by his teaching! May his memory be for a blessing.

Steven Lazarowitz - 15 jours

Dear Abigail, please accept my condolences for your loss.

Brian Roberts - 15 jours

Dear Abigail and family. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost Al; please accept my condolences. My career would not have taken the path it has without my time working as a postdoc in his lab at the end of the 1980’s. He was always inspiring as a researcher and thinker, and also a warm and welcoming person who quickly may me feel at home and valued in the lab. It has been a pleasure to keep in touch with him over the years, albeit from the distance of England. I hope all the fond memories you must have of Al with help you through this difficult time. Thinking of you. Love and best wishes, Brian.

Dan Levitin - 15 jours

Abigail, I am so sad to learn of Al’s passing and so very sorry for your loss. Al brought me into McGill when no one else wanted to hire me, and you and Al brought us so warmly into your home. The best part was our working together and our co-supervising students. Actually, now that I think about it, the best part was his jokes. He was a great friend and the last of a breed of true, thorough scholars in the field.

Stevan Harnad - 15 jours

Evelyn and Phil Gold - 15 jours

Dear Abigail, our heartfelt condolences on your loss of Albert. He was a fine man and colleague. We hope that your good memories of him will help you through this difficult time. Evelyn and Phil

Doris Steinberg - 15 jours

My husband and I met in Dr. Bregman's class. At the beginning we complained about the amount of work but by the end we loved the course. Dr. Bregman made us think, challenged us and even half a century later we still remember his class more than all others. He inspired us both to become psychologists. We are very sorry for your loss. Doris and Bill Steinberg

Alison Gopnik - 15 jours

Dear Abigail, I am so sorry to hear this Al was the best teacher I ever had and the reason I became a cognitive scientist, as well as a uniquely lovable person. Much love and warm thoughts, Alison

Susan Pinker - 15 jours

Dear Abigail, We are so sorry to learn this sad news. Please accept our condolences on the loss of this wonderful man. We send love to you at this difficult time. Susan and Martin

Judy & Norman Morantz - 16 jours

Dear Abigail and family, Our heartfelt condolences on your terrible loss, and may you be spared further sorrow. Warmly, Judy and Norman Morantz

Ward Earle - 16 jours

A lovely man who has been part of our extended family for many years (or maybe we were part of his). I always enjoyed his habit of asking mischievous "questions" designed to stimulate that "endless debate" (or stir the pot!). Looking forward to sharing memories and sympathies with you all in person soon. Love Ward, Oona and Liam

Rita Briansky - 16 jours

Dear Abigail and family I am so sorry to learn of your great loss. I send you my deepest condolences love- Rita

Dr. Renee J Karp - 16 jours

Dear Abigail and entire family, Our sincere condolences on the passing of Al. He was an accomplished and wonderful man...and you, his accomplished, wonderful, caring wife! A great team, if ever there was one. May your wonderful memories sustain you at this difficult time. Renee Karp, Ed Katz and family.

Gary Bernstein - 17 jours

Dear Abigail, I so much admired Al, who was my true mentor at the start of my career. He was such a gentle, trusting person and despite his colossal intellect he was remarkably humble and ego- free. My he rest in peace. My condolences to you and his family.