Chave Yehudes (Evelyn) Schachter

Service funéraire: Vendredi, 17 Mars, 2023 12h:30
Chapel Service
Shiva: Shiva privé. S'il vous plaît appelez Paperman & Sons pour l'adresse.
Détails Shiva:
Shiva private in Hamilton, Ontario.
Cimetière: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery
Des dons:
Contributions in Chave’s memory may be made to the Miriam Foundation: (514) 345-1300 or .

If you are unable to attend the funeral service in person, you may join it virtually on Friday, March 17 at 12:30 p.m. :

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Debbie ( Bellman) & Naphtali Shainbach - 3 jours

Our deepest sympathies to the entire family at this most difficult time. Our late Mother Anne Bellman Z"L always enjoyed visiting with them and sharing Yiddish poetry. Baruch Dayan Haemet

Rachel Kaplan - 6 jours

My deepest condolences to the family. Evelyn was a part of the Special Olympics for many many years and is missed.

Fran Gutman - 6 jours

I was so sad to read the news of Chava’s passing. I met her at the cavendish mall and we formed a friendship she was such a warm and inspiring person. My sincere condolences to the family.

Eleanor Gross - 6 jours

Dear Billy, My deepest condolences on the passing of your dear sister Chave. In addition, to read about the loss of your wife saddens me greatly. My memories go way back to the summers in Prevost, Lac Blondin. Your dad & Chave would walk down the path near my Chalet always stopping to chat. Chave always approached me at IGA saying hello & asking my opinion of certain items. Your parents were exemplary in their love, support & education that helped her live an independent & productive life. May you know of no further sorrow.

Bella Kuper Sanderson - 6 jours

Dear Billy, It has been a long time since we have been in touch. I watched the funeral and was very moved. I remember Chavele as a young girl when she would visit our family on Radcliffe Rd. and in the Laurentians with your family. She with your family we’re an example that love, devotion and caring can conquer all. Accept my condolences on the loss of your sister and an exceptional human being. Mit frayntshaft Bella Kuper Sanderson

Herbert + Sybil + Rochelle + Danny + David + Louise + Leila - 6 jours

Condolences to Evelyn's family from everyone at Caldwell. We love you Evelyn. We will all do a mitzvah for you.

Josephine de Groot - 6 jours

Condolences to Yael and all of Chave's "Evy's" family. What a pleasure to have known Evelyn. We are all so blessed that she was in our lives. She made me smile every day and I will all wear my "cat pants" today thinking of her. Hugs always.

Eda Zimler-Schiff - 6 jours

Dear Billy, Elichai and family, It is with deep sorrow that I learned of the passing of Chavele. I watched the funeral and it brought back such wonderful memories of our time with her in Prevost and Montreal. She was a sweet, kind person who was showered with love by her family. May memories of her be a consolation to you all. Eda Zimler-Schiff

Beth Hill - 6 jours

Dear Billy, Yael and Motty, Elichai and Simone, Ariel and Jessica and families, Chave was such a special part of your family. I have many memories of her and I know she will be deeply missed. Our thoughts are with all of you. Xo

Abe Gonshor - 6 jours

Dear ​Velvel & family, ​Annie & Abe send our love and our sincere and heartfelt condolences at this very sad time in your lives. May Chave rest in peace ​in Gan Ayden!

Jerry Kramer - 6 jours

Dear Billy and Family: I am deeply saddened at the news of Chave's passing. It is many years since I have seen her, but the vivid memory is of a kind, sweet person. The example of love and solidarity your family has shown over decades of mutual support is instructive for us all. May Chave's memory be a blessing and may you all be spared further sorrow. Jerry Kramer

Mindy Spiegel & Eugene Orenstein - 6 jours

Dear Billy and family, we are deeply saddened to learn of Chavele’s death. Please accept our heartfelt condolences on your grievous loss. Chave was a sensitive person who lived an independent and productive life thanks to her own strengths and your love and devotion.איר זאָלט מער פֿון קײן צער נישט װיסן

Marcia Kovitz - 6 jours

Dear Velvel and family, My condolences on the loss of your little sister, Chavele. My mother, Helen Kovitz, was Chavele’s special friend, even more so after her mother, Sarah’s, passing. Chavele would visit Helen, confide in her, and write to her when Helen was in Florida for the winter. Chavele, and your family, were an inspiration to us all for loving kindness. May her memory be a blessing. Marcia Kovitz

Bryna Wasserman - 6 jours

Chaveleh, such a beautiful, loving and loved person. She will be missed by all. May her memory be a blessing.

Ella Wasserman Gaffen - 6 jours

With deep sorrow, we send our condolences to the family Forever in our hearts Ella and family

Raizel Candib - 6 jours

Dearest Billy, Yael and Motty, Elichaiand Simone, Ariel and Jessica and family, Chave was a remarkable person. She managed to live an independent and productive life thanks to the love and care of her family. She was fully aware of what was happening and every time I saw her she always asked about everyone. She loved to read and I often saw her coming from the library with lots of books. Zol zi hobn a likhtikn fan eden.

Jim Owens - 6 jours

My sincere condolences to Evelyn’s brother, Billy, and all her family. Evelyn was a cultured woman with charm and a great sense of humour. I am truly saddened knowing that we will not see each other again. She was a delight to know and will be remembered by me, and by many others, fondly.

Rosalee Shenker - 7 jours

Dear Yael and family, My sincere condolences to you and your family on the death of Chave. I know that your dedication to her care enhanced her life greatly and that her special presence enhanced your lives.

Yaffa Ritter - 7 jours

Dear family, Thinking of you all at this sad time. Sending you love and wishing that you will not know from sorrow anymore. She had a wonderful life because of you caring for her. May she rest in peace and her memory a blessing to you all. Amen!

Katherine Candib - 7 jours

To Billy, Yael, Elichai, Ariel and family - my sincerest condolences. I have only the best memories of Chavie being such a warm and lovely person. Thinking of you all.

Anna and Aron Gonshor and Fmaily - 7 jours

Dear Billy, Yael and Motty, Elichai and Simone, Ariel and Jessica Chave was and remarkable person who lived life fully, engaged and determined. You all made that possible. She did everything on her terms to the very end. zol zi hobn a likhtikn gan eydn. roughly translated..may heaven be her repose…..and may her memory be a blessing Lots of love Anna and Aron