Victor Dabby

Funeral Service: Friday, June 17, 2022 at 12:00 PM
Chapel Service
Shiva: Sunday, June 19, 2022 to
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Shiva at his home.
Shiva Details:
Shiva from Sunday, June 19 to Wednesday evening, June 22 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 
Cemetery: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery
Jewish General Hospital Foundation, (514) 340-8251,, or to the Cancer Research Society, (514) 861-9227 

If you are unable to attend the funeral service in person, you may join it virtually on Friday, June 17 at 12:00 noon:

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Andie Z and Ariella Y - 8 days ago

Dear Dabby family. Our sincere condolences on the loss of Victor - although we did not know him well, his smile and open spirit were experienced at the Mile End Chavurah events in which we participated. May your memories be a comfort to you in the days and years ahead.

Susan Angel - 12 days ago

Dear Bryna, I just learned from Stan about Victor's passing and I am so sorry for your and your children's loss. I remember Victor from those very early days in the 70's. May you find comfort in the love of your family and community, and may Victor's memory be a blessing. With love, Susie Fogel

Joel Ruimy - 14 days ago

Our condolences to Bryna, Dia and Layla on the passing of a husband, father and grandfather. He was also a great journalist, a brilliant wit and a good friend. I first met him at CP in 1973 and we have been friends since. He will be missed.

Denny Arar - 14 days ago

Bryna, I just heard of Victor’s death from the ex-CP staffers grapevine (Pauline Couture, in this case), and I wanted to extend my deepest sympathy. My stepfather, who was the motivator for my frequent visits to Montreal these last few years, passed away in January at age 101, so now I have even fewer ties there from the past. Victor was a real original, and I’m glad we became friends after a rocky start. He went much too young and I am sad for your and your daughters’ tremendous loss. Please call if you ever are in the Bay Area, and I will do likewise when I’m next in Montreal.

Iny Viva - 14 days ago

Dear Bryna, My deepest condolences to you and your family. Victor was very special- I enjoyed his sense of humour ,his sharp intelligence and adventurous spirit. I have beautiful memories of Victor over coffee on St Viateur, discussions about life & politics, watching soccer games at Olympico.. Victor helped me plan a few trips to Asia.. May he Rest in peace and his memory cherished by all who loved him . Viva

Warren Perley - 14 days ago

My first memories of Victor were when he joined The Canadian Press in the early 70s. We all figured that he would be a crackerjack journalist once he figured out the difference between the “hold” and “disconnect” buttons on the phone console. After a few days of inadvertently hanging up on people calling the newsroom, Victor mastered the “modern” Bell technology and never looked back. A more convivial colleague we could not have asked for, especially as Happy Hour approached and the Holiday Season got into full swing. Like all CP staffers, he was known primarily by his initials: VD. So with all of us crammed into an elevator and feeling no pain at our first Christmas party at a downtown hotel, Victor mistakenly began to stumble out on the wrong floor when the door opened. “No, VD, no,” we all chanted in unison. “Come back VD!” Well, watching the throng of partygoers outside the elevator clear a path for VD reminded me of Moses parting the Red Sea. So, dear Bryna and family, I hope that the memories of your lifetime with Victor always bring a smile to your face and contentment to your soul. May you be spared further sorrow.

Linda James - 15 days ago

Dear Bryna, Layla and Dia. I am greatly saddened in trying to imagine your world, my world and the whole living world without Victor’s.presence. I have years of memories of activities, discussions, and love of nature and travel shared with him and your wonderful family. He was a student of.the world and an intellectually fascinating man. I send blessings and love to his extended family and dear friends Linda

Rony Kattan - 15 days ago

Dear Bryna & family, I was very saddened when Guilda told me that Victor passed away. I was not aware he was ill. Victor and his family were our neighbors and our dear friends. He and his family welcomed us when we came to Canada. He was very warm and kind to me and I deeply regret not seeing him the last few years, please forgive me. I have very good memories of Victor, as I am sure you and your family have. Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss. Rony Kattan

Bea Schachter - 15 days ago

Dear Bryna and all your loved ones, I was totally in shock when I read that Victor,z”l, had passed away. I had known his health was frail, but I still prayed for a recovery. I was released from the JGH on the same day that he died. I regret not being able to express my condolences in person. The two of you raised a beautiful family, filled with much love and devotion. May you be blessed with wonderful memories of times past and suffer no more sorrow. BDE.

Helene Klodawsky, John Lucas - 16 days ago

Dear Bryna, Layla and Dia and family, We remember Victor as a wonderful presence in our neighbourhood and Mile End Chaverah community. Full of love for his family, we admired his warmth and humour. May sweet memories of his amazing life be a comfort and a blessing.

Katie Malloch - 16 days ago

Dear Bryna, my deep condolences for the loss of your Victor. I remember his warmth and humour, and his laughing at the ridiculousness of life. Always a pleasure to run into you both in “the old days”. Thinking of you and wishing you comfort.

Jim Brown - 17 days ago

Dear Bryna and family, So very sorry to hear of Victor passing. It was my privilege to work with him at CP Montreal for six years, during which I admired his talent, benefited from his advice and enjoyed his friendship. Please accept my deepest condolences and those of my wife Ronnie and son Philip. May he rest in peace, may his memory be a blessing.

Andrew Phillips - 17 days ago

Dear Bryna and family, Deepest condolences on your loss. Victor was a fine journalist and a special personality. I always enjoyed his wry humour and sardonic comments, informed by a fine mind. Sad to hear he has departed too soon. Andrew Phillips Toronto

Bernard St-Laurent - 17 days ago

I am truly sorry for your loss. Victor was a wonderful person. I know how he loved you all. Please take good care of yourselves. With love, Bernie

Pauline Couture - 17 days ago

It is one of life's sadder things that we lose touch over the years with wonderful people that we hold in affection and the highest respect. Bryna and family, I am so very very sorry for your loss. Victor was an amazing person, all of the things that everyone here has said. I listened to your beautiful eulogies with admiration at the remarkable family life that you have built over the years, and regret that my journey has no longer overlapped with yours over the past two or three decades. I have the fondest of memories of working with Victor, of parties at your place back in the CP days, of the joy of Dia's birth and so much more. You are in my thoughts and in my heart. Pauline

Penny MacRAE - 17 days ago

To Bryna and to all the family -- I am so very sorry to hear of Victor's passing. He was the most wonderful person -- so smart, funny, perceptive and kind. I remember your visit to Delhi and all the laughter over dinner. I know you will miss him so. Wishing you all the very best.

Martine Dubreuil - 17 days ago

Dearest Dia and Adam, I share your pain in this untimely passing and send you and you family all the possible love and compassion. You were blessed by his presence throughout the years, the treasure of his spirit remains in your heart and soul to treasure, and pass on. With deepest sympathy, Martine

Ernie Karkoukly - 18 days ago

Dea Bryna and family: I was very saddened to hear of Victor's passing away. For many years, we were the best of friends. He was a gentleman, kind, sincere, with a great intellect and sense of humour. He mirrored the loveliness of his parents. I am honoured and so grateful to have known him and befriended him and will forever cherish the beautiful memories of the times spent together. May he rest in blessed peace.

Shelley Pomerance - 18 days ago

Dear Bryna and family, I am so sorry to learn of Victor’s passing. I always loved running into him - he was usually on his bicycle, and always had a wry and funny word. Such a smart and gentle man.

Marc Raboy - 18 days ago

Dear Bryna and family, I was very saddened by this news. We didn’t see each other often in recent years but I always enjoyed my encounters with Victor - usually when he was passing by on his bicycle, on his way home from CBC. I loved his ironic chuckle, typically following an observation about one or another of the absurdities of this world. May his memory be a blessing to you.

Michael Aronoff - 18 days ago

I have known him since my high school days. News of his passing has brought up many memories; all good ones. My sincere condolences for your loss and ours.

Betty Palik& Michael Prupas - 18 days ago

Dear Bryna and family,, We are shocked and very sad to hear about Victor’s passing. We have such wonderful memories of sitting on the floor in his room over 50 years ago with you and Victor listening to his records and sharing an apartment together. He was always full of stories about politics and travel and told them with a chuckle. His sense of adventure took him to many distant places where Victor always did his best to avoid the tourists and absorb the local culture. He was gentle and kind and we adored him. We are so sorry that the world is now without him. Betty and Michael

Margot Veldt and Azur Mizrachi - 18 days ago

We are very sad to read that Victor passed away. We had such good times together in Jerusalem and travelling in Canada, spending time with our families. Victor was a very good friend with whom you could talk about anyting . Sincere condolences to Bryna, Dia, Layla and the families

Erik Slutsky - 18 days ago

I was saddened to hear of Victor's passing and I'm very sorry for your loss. My most sincere condolences to Bryna and all your family.

Kevin Dougherty - 18 days ago

To Bryna and family, So, so sorry to learn of Victor's passing. He was a pillar at CP. Wise and human. An important person in my life. And we had good times. Good times to remember. About a good person. A funny person too. Sincere condolences

Rubin, Rebibo and Or familes - 18 days ago

Dearest Bryna, Dia, Layla and families: Our depest condolences on the loss of a beloved husband, father and grandfather! BDH. May his memory be a blessing and may there be no more sorrow. Love and regards, Avichai and Sara Rebibo, Shiffra and Nati Or and the Rubin family from Israel.

Elisa Garfinkle - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna, Dia, Layla and the rest of the family, I was so saddened to hear of Victor’s passing and your immense loss. I remember well his gentle smile and demeanour, and quiet but sparkling intelligence . Please know that you are all in my thoughts, and I truly hope the beautiful memories and the love you all shared will soften the edges of your sadness before too long. May his memory be a blessing and may there be no more sorrow. Warmth, love and regards, Elisa

Robb Allnutt - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna, Dia and Layla Alanna and I were both shocked to learn of Victor's death. We will treasure our memories of his sense of humor, his forthright opinions and his gusto for life. One night in the seventies we went to the Outremont for a "Spaghetti Western" I asked him if he minded sitting "up-front " he said not at all! We sat in the first row.

Karl Nerenberg - 19 days ago

I am adding a second condolence message because my previous one had an incomplete sentence. I wrote that Victor was "full of a sense of adventure we could only ..." I meant to write he was" full of a sense of adventure we could only envy". The service today, in which we participated virtually from Ottawa, was touching, moving and beautiful. We are shedding tears for a lovely and good man.

Caralee Salomon - 19 days ago

To Dia, Adam and family: please accept my sincerest condolences on your loss.

David Shamoon - 19 days ago

I first met Victor when I was 10 years old and he was a bit younger. He was my cousin’s best friend. We became closer friends after my cousin and his family left Tehran for the U.S. Victor was special, one of a kind. The main thing about him, even as a kid, was that he genuinely didn’t care what anyone thought of him. He was never mean about it, he just went about doing what he wanted and whatever happened, happened and whatever people thought, they thought. He was funny and kind and generous, but did not suffer fools. He was always honest, which is what made him a superb journalist and writer. Above all, he lived his life on his own terms, loving his family, Montreal, his country getaway and Leonard Cohen, probably in that order. I know that he was very proud of Bryna and his daughters, and he adored his grandchildren. We saw each other all too rarely, but when we did, our shared history since childhood and adolescence provided an instant bond, supplemented by our professional experiences as adults. The last email I received from Victor was in response to a Now Ruz (Persian New Year) greeting that I sent out last March. His simple response: "How are y’all doing?" He never let on how ill he was. I will miss him and our exchanged emails and the meet-ups that will never happen. Bryna, Dia and Layla, we all share in your sorrow and can only hope that the joyful memories you have of Victor will provide some measure of comfort. No one can take those away from you.

Barbara Novek & Syd Berger - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna, We were so sorry to learn of Victor's passing. Our sincere sympathy to you and the whole family for your loss. May his memory forever be a blessing.

mike freed - 19 days ago

hey Bryna ..that was a wonderful service that really brought back memories of Victor for myself and I'm sure all present. Your tribute to him was so genuine and incredibly moving as was Layla's and Josh's. Hannalea's mom, Janet, sends her condolences . So sorry for your loss ..much love to you and all your family

Maurice Bigio - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna, Layla, Dia and family, This is such sad news. Victor and I worked together for many years at CBC Montreal, where we quickly bonded over our Middle Eastern roots. He was much more than a mensch. His passion, kindness, smarts and self-deprecating humour stood out. He paid attention to details without losing sight of the big picture. I will always think of him as a seeker...of the truth and of life's most authentic experiences. My condolences to you and to all who feel his loss.

Nelson Wyatt - 19 days ago

I was so sorry to hear that Victor had passed. I was lucky enough to have him as one of my first bosses at The Canadian Press and to this day he remains one of the best. Victor had high standards and a sharp news sense but he was always encouraging and fair and there’s many in the journalistic community that have stories about what they learned from him. He was a good man with a sharp intellect, a true sense of fun and a zest for life that should inspire us all. I was glad to be back in touch with him in the pre-pandemic years and will always fondly remember not only our newsroom experiences but just the chance to have a lively chat over coffee with him in our later years. My sympathies to Bryna, Layla, Dia and the rest of his family. May he rest in peace.

Michael Cohen and Jennifer Robinson - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna and family, So sorry to hear about Victor. What a terrible loss. Please accept our warmest condolences.

Naomi & Stan Mazoff - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna, So sorry to learn of Victors passing. May you and your family be left with only good memories. Please accept our sincerest condolences, Naomi & Stan

Steph and Josh Yunis - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna, Layla, Dia and family, Our sincere condolences for your loss. We feel very fortunate to have met Victor, and have such fond memories of celebrating simchas together with him. Sending our love and thoughts to you. May his memory be a blessing.

Jonathan Freed - 19 days ago

Dear Dabby Family, I was stunned to learn about Victor’s passing. He was such a wonderful and guiding influence on me in my first job in journalism, at CBC Montreal — the kind of presence that you assume will always be there. He field produced my first-ever appearance on live television during the Oka Crisis. And he continued to mentor me through my early years in journalism. He was kind. He was generous. And he always set the right example. I will miss him, and hope that all of you will be comforted by a lifetime of warm memories.

Carolyne Lefebvre - 19 days ago

Bryna, Layla et Dia, Nos plus sincères condoléances à la suite du décès de Victor. Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous et vos proches et surtout prenez soin de vous. Carolyne et Bernard

Roch Magnan - 19 days ago

To the Dabby family, I had the immense privilege of working with Victor at Newswatch and I only have fond memories about him. He was the first field producer I trusted with some of the most moving mini-documentaries we produced. Always a true gentleman, always open and a joy to talk with just about everything under the sun. He was also my lemon favoured roasted pistachio provider for years, making me an addict of the stuff. Victor, I have missed your humanity but thank you for your passage in my life. A bright, shining star….

Lynne and Aaron Yunis - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna, Layla, Dia and family, we are so sorry for your loss. We always enjoyed spending time with Victor at happy family occasions and we loved his quick wit and sense of humor. We pray that you will find comfort from the memories of the good times you had together and that you know from only smachot, good occasions.

Lynn Herzeg - 19 days ago

Dear Dabby Family, It is with great sadness that I read of Victor's passing. He was a lovely man with whom I had the great pleasure of working for a number of years. Among my favourite Victor memories is our documentary series in James Bay for Newswatch in the early 90s, and I cherish the many photos I still have of us on a caribou hunt and other adventures during that unforgettable trip. Sending you all love at this most difficult time.

rachel sinyor - 19 days ago

Dear Layla and family my condolences for your loss. may the memories be a source of comfort during this sad time

Melanie Reffes - 19 days ago

I was very sad to hear of Victor's passing. Sending my sincerest condolences to the entire family . I had the pleasure to work with Victor on many projects over the years in and out of a big TV newsroom . Our spirited conversations on the terraces of many neighborhood cafes will be missed.

lynn shamash carman - 19 days ago

My condolences to the whole family - I was very sorry to hear of Victor's passing. Much love to the family.

Karl Nerenberg - 19 days ago

Martha Plaine and I are saddened to learn of Victor's death. We had not seen him much since moving away from Montreal years ago, but always thought of him as a generous, funny, amiable, irreverent character -- full of a sense of adventure we could only. We share our sympathy and condolences with Bryna and his whole family. You, and all of us, have lost a good person.

Dida Berku and Jacob Kincler - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna, Layla and Dia and family We are deeply saddened and wish you strength and peace as you go through this difficult time. Victor was a free spirit. He did it his way and leaves you with a rich and happy legacy. We should all have his sense of adventure and be forever "a la recherche des coins perdus du monde" May his memory always be your guide and à blessing throughout your lives.

Earl Krams - 19 days ago

Dear Bryna and Family; Words cannot express my feeling of shock and sadness concwhen I learned of Victor's passing. Hopefully, the so many good memories of Victor will sustain you during this difficult time. My sincere condolences!!

Sandra and Chris - 19 days ago

Dear friends, we are very saddened to hear about Victor's passing. While we never met him, we heard so much about him, his fascinating life and experiences from you, that we always felt like we knew him personally. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. May he rest in peace.

Susan and Neil Alper - 20 days ago

Dear Bryna, Dia and Layla and families, Neil and I are so sorry for loss. We know how much he suffered and how devoted you all were. He will be remembered always and remain forever in your hearts. May the wonderful memories you shared bring you comfort during this sad and difficult time. Our thoughts are with you. Love Susie and Neil

Evy and Howard Solomon - 20 days ago

Dear Bryna, Dia, Layla and Families We and our children were extremely saddened to hear about Victor's untimely passing. Victor was a very special and unique person who we know will be very missed by his family and many others. May his precious memory be a blessing and give you comfort during this very difficult time and always. Much love, Evy and Howard and Family

Pamela & Harold Garfinkle - 20 days ago

Bryna, Dia, Layla and Family: What heartbreaking news. We know how devoted you were to one another; literally through sickness and in health. We send you all our love, and if we could, we would send you strength and courage to get through the next while. May your wonderful memories of Victor bring you peace going forward. We are thinking of all of you. Love, Harold & Pam

Alda Mooallem - 20 days ago

Dear Ronny and families, my condolences to all the families on the passing of Victor. May you have no more sorrow.

Gladys Mooallem - 20 days ago

My deep condolences to the family. It was a shock for me to hear the passing of Victor. I met him only once at his mother's fancy dinner table when he was University student. I was impressed by his intelligence and eloquence in interesting discussions. Sorry for his loss, such intelligent and warm person. I wish a lot of strength to the family .

Peter Marcovitz - 20 days ago

Dear Bryna Our very deep condolences to you and your entire family Peter Marcovitz and Joyce Borenstein

Mona and Mel Alper - 20 days ago

Dear Bryna, Dia, Layla and families, We are so saddened to learn of Victor's passing. We know how difficult his medical issues were for you all. We extend heartfelt condolences and hope that the love of family and friends and cherished memories of time shared with Victor will help you to manage through this period of mourning. We are thinking of you. Mona and Mel.

Morley and Patricia Garfinkle - 20 days ago

Dear Bryna, Dia, Layla and family We are so saddened to hear the passing of Victor, at an age far too young to have left you, and this world. A talented and gifted human being, a proud legacy he did leave, and Dia Layla and their own children are part of that, as they are part of him. We hope the memory of the beautiful fun events you have passed together keep his loving spirit alive within you all. We prey you find strength to get through the grieving, and wish you only love, health, and better days to come. Sincere and kind wishes to you, and so sorry for your loss, Your cousin Morley and Patricia

Marilyn Bronstein - 20 days ago

So sorry for your loss. I remember his warmth and his humour. May his memory be a blessing for the whole family

Shasha family - 20 days ago

Dear Bryna, Dia, Layla and families, deepest condolences on the passing of Victor. He was a kind, sensitive and good soul, always friendly and exuding warmth. He will be dearly missed. Sending you much love and strength -Jacqueline, Ornit, Iris & Sharon

Evelyne Michaels - 20 days ago

Dearest Bryna, Dia, Layla and families: Our condolences on the loss of a beloved husband, father and grandfather . The measure of your sorrow is only outweighed by the love you shared with Victor. We hope that peacefulness, which is on the other side of grieving, will return, leaving rich memories in its wake. Thinking of you all. With love from your Toronto cousins Evelyne Michaels & David Nayman

Gladys Shelmodavid - 20 days ago

I am sad to hear about Victor passing please accept my condolences , I am Victor cousin from Iran, Victor and family were usually at our house until they came to Canada then we lost touch. I heard Victor had a good life a wonderful wife and lovely daughters, I hope his good memories will sustain you in this difficult time. Gladys David

linda mittelman - 20 days ago

Layla, Please accept my condolences on the passing of your father. I know what a difficult and sad time this is for you and your family. Sincerely, Linda Yunis Mittelman

Craig & Rekha Toomey - 20 days ago

Our deepest condolences to Bryna and the family; we are just so saddened by this news. Victor was a great "boss" at Canadian Press in the 1970s and we have many fond memories of meeting up over the years, be it at a reggae concert or at your "private lake" in the Eastern Townships. He was a great soul and will be missed. Om shanti shanti shanti.

Harry Shamoon - 20 days ago

Sincere condolences to Bryna, Dia, and Layla and all their families from my wife Rona and me. Victor was a special person whose memory will remain will all of us. I was privileged to grow up alongside Victor in Tehran both in school and with our two families, and we remained friends through the next 70 years. I will miss hearing his commentaries on life and politics, and will forever cherish memories of his adventurous spirit, his sense of humor, and his kind heart.

Tony Feist - 20 days ago

Sincerest condolences. Cherish the memories.

Arlene Goldberg - 20 days ago

Dear Layla and family please accept my deepest condolences on your great loss. BDE

Michèle Lefebvre - 20 days ago

Chères Bryna, Dia et Layla, Quelle triste nouvelle. Nous vous transmettons nos plus sincères condoléances à vous ainsi qu’à toute votre famille. Nous gardons de précieux souvenirs de notre ami Victor avec qui nous avons partagé de bons moments à la campagne comme en ville depuis plus de quarante ans. Une vie bien remplie entouré de gens qui l’aimaient et qu’il aimait. All our love Michèle et Simon

Jacky Celemencki - 20 days ago

I will remember Victor fondly, as will Steve (McFadden). He had a great sense of humour, and many interesting travel stories that I got to hear over the years during Mile End Chavurah gatherings. My condolences to Bryna, Layla, Dia, and the rest of the mispucha.

Joseph Strasburg - 20 days ago

Valerie Shamash - 20 days ago

I am so very sad to hear about this, Victor and I overlapped in 3 or 4 communities and it was always a great pleasure to chat with him, invariably learning something new within a few minutes. Much love to the whole family and may you find all the support and togetherness you need.