Yehudi Lindeman

Funeral Service: Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 10:00 AM
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Shiva: Strictly Private Shiva. Thank you for respecting the family's wishes.
Cemetery: Mount Royal Cemetery
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Jos Rombouts - 3 days ago

Dear Francoise , David and other relatives Our condolences the best and strength We are very sorry that Yehudi has passed away . Yehudi liked to be in the Netherlands with his family , our grandmother Geertje, sister of Bets van Coevorden, and family. we also liked his presence and nice letters. A few years ago, he invited family and friends to Friesland. where he was in hiding during the war One of the familys that had rescued him , got the Yad Vashem award Yehudi spoke to them in Fries dialect , this was very special We miss Yehudi very much. Rosa Bijl, Jos Rombouts , Towah de Levie

Sabine Carey - 5 days ago

So sad to hear about Yehudi's passing. We only met this year in Mexico but we found out we attended the same high school in Amsterdam which gave us an instant connection (apart from both being Dutch) as this was a special time in our lives, even if 30 years apart in attending. My condolences to Françoise and David.

Dana Szeflan-Bell - 12 days ago

Yehudi my dear, dear friend, I cannot believe that you are gone. We were the same age, both child survivors of the Holocaust, always had so much to talk about. Yehudi mentored me while I was writing my memoir. I had such great admiration for all his accomplishments and for all the lives he touched. Yehudi had STAR quality, if you met him even once you would never forget him. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to Francoise and David. Some people come into our lives and quickly go, Some stay a while and leave footprints on our hearts, And we will never ever be the same.

Marilyn and Marcel Tenenbaum - 14 days ago

I was shocked and saddened to hear about his passing. His kind manner, wisdom and zest will be missed by many.

Robert and Catherine - 15 days ago

We live in a world in which we are invited to change - to become our best selves. We change all the time - growing older and older - and how we think about change (sometimes) changes the world. Yehudi was a "change artist". Every fact became a new series of discoveries. He passed these discoveries onto his friends and loved ones. He may be gone but what he left behind will live - and continue to grow not only on the landscape of life but in the hearts of all who loved him.

Abraham Tachjian - 16 days ago

My condolences to the family. Yudi was always cheerful and upbeat, even in unpleasant circumstances, his smile could always be felt while on the phone with him. A good man.

Helene Klodawsky, John Lucas - 16 days ago

Our sincere condolences to Yehudi's family, friends and colleagues; we were always excited to meet Yehudi in our neighbourhood, or at holiday events. His huge smile and youthful exhuberence was so inviting; one wanted to linger in his presence and know more about his life and adventures. At a party only a couple of months ago Yehudi spoke of being in Mexico, excited to have escaped a harsh Quebec winter alongside his loving wife. We will miss knowing you more Yehudi. May his family be blessed with memories of his extraordinary legacy and full heart.

Tecla Leyden van Amstel - 18 days ago

Our sincere condolences to you David Francoise and all the family. We were very shocked and saddened to hear of Jehudi's passing. We are very sorry that we not see him in Moledth a few weeks ago. We will miss him very much. Tecla Michal Amos and Jael Leyden van Amstel. Elisabeth Noy- Leyden van Amstel. Chanan and Schos Leyden van Amstel and their families.

Shloime Perel - 18 days ago

IN LOVING MEMORY Dear Yehudi — Thank you for your good work over the years. Thank you for your Living Testimonies Project of Holocaust survivors oral histories. Thanks for the help you face to the Refugee Research Project at McGill. It was good knowing you ! SHLOIME PEREL

Cynthia Davis - 19 days ago

I am very sorry about the passing of my old friend, havurah buddy and neighbour on Hutchison Street. Yehudi invited and encouraged me to attend a training in Philadelphia for video interviewers of Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah project. Participating in that project was deeply enriching and I remain grateful to Yehudi for that experience. I am glad to have known such a bright shining light in the world. Sincere condolences to his loved ones.

Robert Schwartz - 20 days ago

I can’t fathom the light of Yehudi being extinguished. He was a constant in our lives for almost 50 years, gracing our table with his gentle warmth and curiosity almost every year at the Seder or Rosh Hashana. When he wasn’t there, it wasn’t the same. He was my mother’s Ph.D thesis advisor and close, close friend and led her through a 2 hour oral history, which is at the Shoah Foundation. When my seemingly invulnerable father weakened, Yehudi was at the hospital; and after we lost him, Yehudi continued his dutiful and loving ministrations to my mother. My mother died in September and of course, Yehudi was there for us to help ease our pain. But our story isn't isolated. He had similar deep and lasting relationships with so many people and we all claim him as part of our family. That is extraordinary. So we all grieve having lost a beloved family member and none of us can easily rationalize his vitality and energy with his silence and absence. Francoise, David, you were very lucky, as was he to have you. Yehudi, your memory will always be a blessing to so many of us who were fortunate enough to have had you enrich our lives.

Michal Huber - 20 days ago

My sincere condolences to you David, Francoise, family and to all the friends that Yehudi touched their hearts, all over the globe. Our friendship lasted for the last 33 years. We shared the love for the sea, and whenever he came to visit in Israel, that was the favorite location to catch up, or to engage in deep conversations. Yehudi's variety of interests, as well as his curiosity and fantastic knowledge enabled him to connect to so many people who became friends for life. To connect to him and to his passion for life, for music, art, literature was so much intriguing, interesting and fun. Connecting to his love to stories, to people testimony, to the riddle of the survivors of the Shoah שואה was Tikun Olam תיקון עולם became a healing experience to us all. Yehudi was a genius, even if you had no intention, you would suddenly find yourself volunteering and he will convince you, that it was actually your life-long dream. He was able to move mountains. His persistence, ability to be so confused, pulling toward so many directions at once, his presence and wit, dreams, his humor, kindness, the endless energy, his ageless, huzpa חוצפה - are so charming. That is why it is so socking, so hard to believe that he is no more. You will be missed terribly Yehdi. Shalom my friend.

Ignace and Tet - 20 days ago

An old and good fiend .We will miss you

Marilyn bronstein - 20 days ago

Yehudi Yehudi, the life of the party! yes he was brilliant, yes he was spiritual, yes he was amazing at networking. But my greatest enjoyment that I shared with Yehudi was his love of people and stories and celebrations. this man really knew how to celebrate. We will try to celebrate you as you pass on to that great celebration in the next world. my condolences to Francoise and the family. May his memory be a blessing

Lucile & Benjamin Blatgé - 20 days ago

We were very shocked and saddened to hear of Yehudi's passing. Even though we did not had the opportunity to spend as much time as we would have loved, we will remember him as a very kind, curious and caring man, always willing to exchange and share with others. We will particularly remember the couple days spent with him, Françoise and our kids in Sutton. Our sincere condolences to Françoise and his family.

David Benlolo - 20 days ago

Quelle tristesse cette nouvelle. Une étoile de plus dans le ciel ! J’appréciais tellement mes conversations avec toi, tu vas me laisser un grand vide, je me sens privilégié de t’avoir connu. So long my friend…

myra shuster - 21 days ago

Yehudi's sudden passing comes as a shock. We expect that a man of his breadth, a man with a huge heart and sharp mind like his and who has touched the lives of so many, will never leave us. I can't seem to let him go - memories of his kind presence and important influence in my life keep playing out over and over again. He had such an impact on me with words of wisdom and advice playing out over decades. Over thirty years ago, he wandered in to an open house my parents were holding for their NDG property. Hundreds of people were present but he and I connected instantly. My parents loved him. He stayed for dinner and remained a mentor to me throughout the years. He introduced me to the Jewish renewal and Havurah movement. We went to a Shavuot retreat together in Phyloxia, We went to the Kripalu center together for a weekend of yoga and meditation. In a moment which proved to be pivotal for me, he told me "You must return to the site in San Francisco where you last saw your sister before she died, " and I did, Several years later. We have lost a great man, a refined European gentleman, an intellectual, a generous human being and a huge presence in the Holocaust education and Oral History movement. The only solace I find is that during a break in Covid restrictions, we were able to meet to catch up. I was able to tell him how important his mentoring had been to me, and that I had followed his command. Rest in Peace dear Yehudi. Your good works and creative achievements live on.

Kelley Chesley - 21 days ago

We hope to see Francoise next year to celebrate his life, here in under the moon on the 19th of March....Maria sends her love, as we all do

Kelley Chesley - 21 days ago

We loved him in Yelapa and will keep him close to us forever.

Peter Horowitz - 21 days ago

I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. I knew Yehudi as a member of Mile End Chavurah, where he attended many events and services over the past 13 years. I was also privileged to play on the CD that accompanied his book The Third Seder. We had many interesting conversations over the years and I always look forward to greeting him at events. He will be missed. On behalf of Mile End Chavurah, I express condolences to Francoise and the rest of the family.

CAANS/ACAEN - 21 days ago

We were shocked and saddened to learn of the unexpected passing of our long-time member Yehudi. He was always a welcome presence at our gatherings ready to contribute such as the realization of a Dutch language cabaret that saw acclaimed performances in Montreal and Ottawa, and the preparation of a lecture for this coming fall about loanwords and sayings that had entered the Dutch language from Yiddish and Hebrew. Yehudi, our friend, you will be sorely missed. On behalf of the board and the members of the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Netherlandic Studies (CAANS) / Association Canadienne pour l'Avancement des Études Néerlandaises (ACAEN) – Montreal chapter, Onno Kruller, Secretary

Peter Lowensteyn - 21 days ago

I am so saddened by Yehudi's sudden passing, I last saw him when he was present at my April lecture for CASANS-Montreal. We we will miss him very much.

Estie Kleinfeld - 21 days ago

to Yehudi's family, my heartfelt condolences on his untimely passing. He will be fondly remembered and deeply missed. ברוך דיין האמת

Salon Colibri - 21 days ago

Nos plus sincères sympathies à toutes la famille. L’équipe Colibri

Leanore Lieblein - 21 days ago

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Yehudi. When I mentioned to my husband who, with Alzheimer’s, cannot remember the names of close friends and family, that I was sad because my colleague Yehudi had passed, he immediately said “Yehudi Lindeman.” It epitomized for me the impact that Yehudi had had on the lives and remembrance of so many. And the impact that his painstaking work had had on him. I remember him taking me through the project and talking me through the work that had been done. My deep condolences to his wife, his friends, and family.

Montreal Holocaust Museum - 21 days ago

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Yehudi Lindeman z”l, Holocaust survivor, oral historian, and former Museum volunteer. Yehudi was born in Amsterdam in 1938 and spent three years in hiding during the war. Miraculously, Yehudi and his mother Bets survived the Holocaust. His father and over a hundred other members of his family were killed. After enduring the horrors of the Shoah, Yehudi went on to follow a remarkable educational path including a PhD in Comparative Literature at Harvard University. His life journey led him to an outstanding career at McGill University where he was a tenured professor. Yehudi’s impact on Holocaust remembrance and oral history in Montreal is unparalleled. He was a pioneer in founding the Living Testimonies Project at McGill University, one of the four collections of Holocaust survivor stories in Montreal. He personally conducted nearly half of the 104 interviews. He became a dedicated volunteer at the Montreal Holocaust Museum through the Remembrance Committee. His profound impact and leadership at the Museum played a key role in influencing how we collect and preserve Holocaust survivor testimony today. Remarkably, Yehudi also developed an international network of child survivors at a time when the distinct needs of children were not always well-recognized or addressed. Yehudi was a major force in the survivor community and a leader in the gathering and preservation of survivor testimonies. He will be fondly remembered and deeply missed by his colleagues at the Montreal Holocaust Museum. The Board of Directors, volunteers, and professional team extend their sincere condolences to Yehudi’s friends and family. May his memory be a blessing and a source of inspiration, Richard Schnurbach (MHM President), and Daniel Amar (MHM Executive Director)

Kitty Hoffman - 21 days ago

I was shocked to learn on Sunday that Yehudi was suddenly in palliative care, and very saddened to learn just a few hours later of his passing. We had seen each other just a short time earlier, and he seemed robust and filled with renewed energy and zestful plans. Yehudi was one of the first people I met when I moved back to Montreal after an adult lifetime away, and I could not wish for better neighbours than Yehudi and Francoise. The landing a deux that we share became a common living space; there was always time for a shared verre or meal, a spontaneous tea, even friendly last-minute (minor) currency exchange before voyages. Often there was an unexpected knock on my door with offered herbs or vegetables from the beloved Cantons de l'Est. Yehudi always initiated conversations from one of the many experiences and passions we shared -- a deep love of literature and ideas, and discussion itself; world travel; academic life; politics and social challenges in Montreal's Jewish and general communities; Israeli politics; direct impact of the Shoah, he as a child survivor and I as second generation. Chance encounters by the elevator would lead to prolonged conversations, always 'to be continued' as he rushed off to his next life-affirming activity. The same happened when either of my adult kids visited, for they shared adolescence in the Habonim youth movement, albeit oceans and generations apart. They too send their condolences. Yehudi had unquenchable passion and zest for life, and deep care for and interest in people; I will miss him greatly. That 'catch-up' conversation we planned is only TBA. Francoise, my deepest condolences; for you and all the family, may his memory be a blessing.

Hugo van Reijen - 21 days ago

It is with utmost regret that I read about the sudden and totally unexpected demise of my good friend Yehudi, who was my classmate in Amsterdam for five years, from 1945 until 1950. We corresponded until a few days ago. I offer my condolences to Françoise and David and wish them much strength. Hugo van Reijen [email protected]

BAUDELOT Valerie - 21 days ago

Très attristée du décès de Yehudi que je vins d’apprendre je présente à Françoise et à toute la famille mes sincères condoléances. Valérie Baudelot la compagne de Joël Delacressonniere beau -frère de Yehudi

Esti Jedeikin - 21 days ago

I am deeply saddened. Yehudi was a gentle man, committed to Holocaust education and to the community. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

Judith Yarnall - 21 days ago

I am so sad to hear of Yehudi's passing. He had a gift for friendship which enriched his and other's lives. We were longterm friends who saw each other sporadically in places important to both of us: McGill and Montreal, Amsterdam, and Vermont. Being with Yehudi made me feel closer to my own Dutch family. I loved visiting his mother in the section of Amsterdam near where the Frank family lived. It was grounding. I am happy that his work will live on and be of value to others. My condolences to Francoise and David.

Myra Giberovitch - 21 days ago

This is such a shock! I first met Yehudi when we were involved in Second Generation activities in the 1980s. He was searching for community and quickly became an active member. Our paths continued to cross over the years. I remember Yehudi fondly as a kind, caring and passionate man, always interested in people he came into contact with. My condolences to his family.

Joël Delacressonniere - 21 days ago

Immense tristesse d’avoir appris par ma sœur Nicole, le décès de mon beau-frère Yehudi qui restera à jamais gravé dans mon coeur de par son attachement à la famille ainsi que ses grandes qualités de coeur et et d’esprit qui étaient nombreuses. A son épouse et ma sœur Francoise ainsi qu’à tous ses proches toutes mes sincères condoléances. Yehudi repose en paix éternellement.

Rick Bercuvitz - 22 days ago

I first met Yehudi and his mother at the Rural Judaism Conference, c. 1990. I was privileged to have many conversations with him, and although we were 20+ years apart, we always felt a sense of friendship and personal connection that transcended age. He witnessed different stages in my life, more recently my kids' bar/bat mitzvot in which he was an enthusiastic participant. Always greeting with a big hug. A little over a year ago, I discovered that my new place was a block from his Montreal pied-a-terre. We had a few lengthy visits, during which he recounted many stories of his life. Yehudi was many different things, including an erudite scholar. In my view he was humble about his accomplishments. He considered Francoise's family his own and took pride in them, and was especially pleased to have developed a closer relationship with his son. Our last encounter was very recent, when he knocked on my door to let me know about an upcoming event and came in and chatted for a little while. Yehudi was a dedicated Jewish Renewal person, and we shared this passion over the past three decades. I loved him and will miss him, and wish his family peace and joy in the memories we all share if this very special human being.

Nicole Delacressonniere - 22 days ago

Bouleversée par cette triste nouvelle apprise ce matin; Yehudi restera pour moi un beau frère très attachant et toujours attentif à son entourage. J'aurais aimé le voir plus souvent...Tu seras toujours dans mon coeur ,Yehudi. Repose en paix.

Alain BLATGE - 22 days ago

Immense tristesse d apprendre cette nouvelle ! Yehudi restera dans nos cœurs comme un homme dont les qualités étaient nombreuses et très grandes Condoléances à Françoise et à tous ses proches… Repose en paix Yehudi

Peter Desmier - 22 days ago

I met Yehudi and Francoise in Havana Cuba March 2020 where we caught Covid and spent a couple of weeks in isolation in a Cuban Hospital. They took me under their wings and brought me to their home in the country where we spent two weeks in quarantine. It was spellbound by Yehudi ‘a wit and humour. His love of music and the arts. His zest for life!

Sheila Segal - 22 days ago

I was very saddened to learn of the passing of Yehudi. I knew Yehudi several years ago in the 1990's through the Chavarah group and as a neighbour in Mile End. Although we had not been in contact for many years, when Yehudi learned that my partner had been admitted to hospital for surgery, he found a way to locate me, inquired about my partner's health and offered his support. This was one of the many gifts of Yehudi. Although very engaged with his various interests and social activism he was very caring and would always find the time to be there for people. My sincere condolences to Françoise and David.

Marcia Goldberg - 22 days ago

Who can absorb the great shock in hearing this news just a few days after seeing those marvellous photos of Yehudi and Manu in Israel on the internet soaking up under the sunshine and visiting the homeland that serves to cradle those persecuted in their childhood ? This good man was called "My Hudi" by Mia, foster daughter of Charles Stastny and Gabrielle Tyrneaur in Alburg, VT, who founded with Yehudi's help, the Refugee Research Project at Mc Gill. He could do that kind of bonding with anyone who had faced trauma and wondered how to go through it and reach a safe place. He will be remembered for a sharp wit, a quick word of encouragement, and an astounding optimism. He was a mench and a scholar and an international spokesperson for chased, loving kindness. We send our love to his family, especially Francoise and her children and David, and to all who came into his sphere of influence as students and friends. He created a template for tikkun olam, healing the world one day at a time.

Bill Kerrigan - 22 days ago

Yehudi and I became friends through his Living Testimonies project and Dr. Gabrielle Tyrnauer’s project: filming Sinti and Roma survivors in Germany. The survivor's video testimonies from both projects will continue to be shared by future generations. Nine months ago, I was interviewed by a writer, who is using the video archive within the Shoah Foundation to write a book. Yehudi had contacted me in March when he’d returned from Puerto Vallarta, and we’d planned to catch up this summer. Yehudi was such a kind and wonderful man… his passing is beyond sad.

Judith Nemes Black and Dragan Svarcj - 22 days ago

Yehudi was an inspiration. We met him through Child Survivor groups and were fortunate to share with him as well as you, ,experiences and a number of very insightful discussions. Francoise, we send you and the family our heartfelt condolences. You were a special couple. May your many memories and the knowledge that you, the family and your love enriched his life and brought much happiness. His contributions will also be remembered by those whose life he touched. Judith and Dragan

Nina Grand - 22 days ago

Yehudi came into my life in Yelapa, Mexico, nearly 40 years ago. We were united there in our love for this remote village and in our search for personal freedom and a different way of living. This bond united us and was rekindled when we’d meet up nearly every winter in our beloved Yelapa. The last time I saw him over his birthday, he looked deeply into my eyes and told me with the utmost sincerity, if I ever needed anything, anything at all, he would be there for me. Such a caring and rare human being. Oh Yehudi, safe passage onward, my dear friend!

Barbara Moser - 22 days ago

It came as a terrible shock to me that Yehudi is gone. I was with him in Tel Aviv about five weeks ago when he first arrived in Israel to see his relatives of whom he was very fond. We had a lovely breakfast in Nahalat Benyamin and walked along the Tayelet, the boardwalk by the sea, and acknowledged that we both shared a deep love for Israel and wanted to spend more time there. Then he was off to see his family in Haifa, on a kibbutz near Haifa and in Tel Aviv. I met Yehudi 40 years ago when I was a graduate student in English Literature at McGill and he became my thesis advisor. My daughters were very young and he encouraged me in all steps of the process and recognized my balancing act. That was 1983-84. We lost touch but reunited occasionally and in March 2020, he decided to come to Cuba with Francoise and to stay in a pensione that I used to frequent. He loved touring Havana. He had this way of looking at everything as if it was through the eyes of a child, full of wonder. That was how he seemed to me in Israel, very energetic, and very much enjoying looking around him at an Israel teeming with life at the end of a pandemic. I know I am not alone in saying how much I will miss Yehudi and how lucky I was to have recently spent a Friday morning with him in Tel Aviv.

Onno Kruller - 22 days ago

I am so saddened by Yehudi's sudden passing, only last week he wrote me that he planned to attend our Dutch 'koffieclub' get-together tomorrow. Many there will remember him fondly when he first joined with our small cabaret ensemble to give a preview of our later enthusiastically received performances in Montreal and Ottawa for CAANS, a Dutch cultural organization in Canada of which, like me, he also was a long-time member. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, Onno Kruller

Marilyn Segal - 22 days ago

Former office manager for Living Testimonies at McGill University, Privilege to work for him. Deepest respect for him & what he accomplished. Condolences to his family. Marilyn

Paula Bultz - 22 days ago

Words fail me to express the feeling of my aching heart upon hearing of Yehudi's death. Yehudi and I met at a Canadian Jewish Congress meeting in the late 1950/early 1960. We quickly became friends bonding by our childhood Holocaust experiences. Yehudi was loyal, bright, intelligent and dependable. Yehudi and I collaborated on various projects dealing with Holocaust Survivors his most productive one being his success of the initiation of Holocaust Survivor interviews at McGill University before Spielberg expanded to Canada. Yehudi's life took on a new sense of happiness when David moved to New York and he was able to nurture a much closer relationship with his son. I will truly miss Yehudi's presence but will always remember his friendship. Please accept my sincere sympathy for your loss and hope that the pleasant memories that he left you with will help you at this difficult time. Paula. McGill University before Spielberg expanded to Canada.

Henry Granek - 22 days ago

I'm saddened to learn of Yehudi's passing. Nearly 40 years ago, we first worked together closely as members of Montreal Second Generation--Children of Holocaust Survivors; from then until the last time I saw him, his gentle spirit is what I will remember about my fellow chaver Habonim, Yehudi. My sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to the family.

Raymond and Miep Kaempfer - 22 days ago

What a sudden shock! Only two weeks ago we sat outside and talked for a long time with Yehudi and Manu in Jerusalem, it was a festive meal and he was full of plans and spoke a lot. What energy! Yes, our bond goes back 67 years to Habonim in Holland, stamped as child survivors. We deeply share your loss and are blessed to have been together so close to his end. Manu, we think of you.

Vera Kisfalvi - 22 days ago

My heartfelt condolences to Françoise and the entire family for this huge loss. Will always remember Yehudi as a kind, loving person who always made me feel that he was truly delighted to see me whenever we met. So many admirable accomplishments in his life, in so many different areas. He was indeed a mensch.

Uri and Tamar kupferschmidt - 22 days ago

Deeply saddened. We have lost a very dear and old friend (more than 65 years), we met him three weeks ago in Haifa, joyful and spirited as ever. Many many memories. The bad news got hold of us while traveling in France. We will never forget him, condolences to all of you, may his memory be blessed.

Ila Novak - 22 days ago

I was shocked to hear of Yehudi's death. I knew him through the Har Kodesh Chavura. It was always a pleasure to see him. My deepest sympathies to the family.

Israel Bonds Montreal - 22 days ago

To the family of the late Yehudi Lindeman, On behalf of the management and staff of Israel Bonds, please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of Yehudi. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. May your memories give you comfort, and may you be spared further sorrow. With our deepest sympathy, Israel Bonds/Canada-Israel Securities, Ltd.

Marilyn Berzan-Montblanch - 22 days ago

Yehudi's warm smile of greeting will be missed at Chavurah services and in the neighbourhood. My sympathies Francoise, David, Manu, Amilcar, grandchildren, my friend Myriam and all who hold fond memories of this kind man. Passing away in the Laurentians is very poignant farewell to a man who loved nature. Marilyn

Helly Harrel - 22 days ago

My sincere condolences to David, Francoise and family. So sad that Yehudi is gone. I met Yehudi at Habonim when we were both 16 years old. He was intelligent, funny and very kind. My latest encounter was when I joined his Dutch Cabaret Group. Many fine afternoons were spent rehearsing; lots of fun and banter. It is good to hear Yehudi went in peace. Good memories of Yehudi will stay with me always. Dear David, Francoise and family: Wishing you strength at this time. And dear Yehudi, rest in peace. Helly

Leah Cohen - 22 days ago

I got a glimpse of Yehudi in the mid 1990s through the Havura group. He impressed me as a caring, kind, intellectual man and as well as an activist. I am glad that he experienced such a loving family life. My deepest condolences to all of you.

MIchael Kraus - 22 days ago

Ruth and I are so sad to hear of Yehudi’s passing.We were so fortunate to have spent many special moments with him and Françoise;their wedding,Havurah retreats,various celebrations,numerous gatherings and most recently the Matthew’s Passion which he so loved and knew.Such a cultured and loving man!We will miss you so much and treasure our wonderful memories of you. Michael and Ruth

Shelley Schwartz - 22 days ago

To the family. He was a wonderful teacher back in the seventies at McGill my condolences. Shelley Schwartz

Sam Feigenbaum - 22 days ago

My condolences to the family. A marvellous man. Admired him greatly.

Donna - 23 days ago

I would like add my heartfelt sympathies to Francois and David. May you find peace in stillness where his love now lives

Donna Wolper - 23 days ago

I am so saddened to hear this news. Yehudi was someone who touched my life many times with his kind caring heart He was someone you knew you could count on and always made connection personal. I will miss him especially when in Yelapa the place he of reunión that he shared. Fly high and free. May your heart be filled with all the love you shared.

Simcha Raphael - 23 days ago

So so sad to hear news of Yehudi's death. He was a special man, and a long-time friend. We shared many adventures together, in Montreal, Philadelphia, at Aleph Kallah... He was a haver, a mentsh, a scholar, a spiritual seeker and in many ways a pioneer. May Francoise and Yehudi's son David be comforted at this time of loss.

Bryan Wolofsky - 23 days ago

Never met him. REALLY wish I had! How sad that it is this announcement that made me aware of this remarkable man. My sincerest condolences to his entire family and all his friends. I can honestly say I wish I had been one of those friends. I urge everyone who hasn't yet, to watch his testimony at the Shoah Foundation site: Wow. Baruch dayan haEmet.

Rick Bercuvitz - 23 days ago

Yehudi was an amazing and lovely person who led an interesting life. He will be missed. Sending condolences to his family.