Ritta Lecker (Née Lobl)

Funeral Service: Wednesday, November 09, 2022 at 11:00 AM
Graveside Service
Shiva: Shiva information is not currently available.
Please check back later.
Cemetery: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery

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Joanne Katz - 28 days ago

Ritta and Marcus were the best friends of my parents, Paula and Saul Katz. Our families spent many good times together while I was growing up. Ritta was always warm and sociable. She described her everyday life experiences in a way that turned them into interesting adventure stories and she had a way of making all of us laugh. When Ritta and Marcus were over at our house visiting my parents, I would pretend to be doing my homework in my room but, in reality, I would be listening to Ritta hold forth in the living room because that was so much more interesting! To Zachary and Ritta's other family and friends: My deepest sympathy on the loss of a very special woman. May your good memories of her sustain you at this difficult time.

Zachary Lecker - 29 days ago

For those who couldn't make the ceremony, I'll be leaving the eulogy here in her memory. She is finally at peace. I don't really think there's any real appropriate way to start a Eulogy, but as corny as it is to say, as opposed to a simple recapitulation... Here as a celebration of Ritta's life, there are countless things that come to mind. From her love for food and PEOPLE, which I rightfully inherited. To her sense of inclusion and all lessons she tried to pass on. Of course she loved being the life of the party, so naturally she would be content with us being merry all together in her honor. I can't wait to hear any stories you all have to share with us later. One of the main things I'm here to say is how fortunate I was and how grateful I am to have been a part of her life. Many of us here didn't get the opportunity that I did. To actually get to know and spend incalculable amounts of time with their grandparents. I got to live with them for a bit and actually get to live new experiences with them. Not just once as a silly visitation but for them to constantly have had me experience new things, live some traditions, learn how to carry myself and enjoy the little things in life. Basically every weekend of my preteen life, I would have the pleasure of Ritta and Marcus taking me out to dine with their dear friends. They showed me what it was like to live a fulfilling life; to have the means to have a good time surrounded by those that appreciate and care for you, to have culture, learning to enjoy many different delicacies in life, and foremost how to be civilized. Believe it or not, both Marcus and Ritta are one of the main reasons I am so gifted musically. In my youth they would constantly sing my little nursery rhymes that to this day I can't remember for the life of me, since they we're always sung in languages I never understood. But even in her later, more deteriorated years when she couldn't express herself, one way we would connect is through singing with each other. She wouldn't know lyrics, let alone words at that point in her life, couldn't follow a guitar progression but the second I were to sing a recognizable melody she would light up and join in with me, remembering melodies clear as day. We could sing together for hours. I would make sure to sing at least a few songs for her everytime I visited. A main thing Ritta always tried to instil in me was 'first things first'. Yes, fairly self explanatory, but to dig into what she truly meant by it is to be able to enjoy things in life, one must first cover your bases. Once main concerns are accounted for; is family healthy, does everyone close to you have a roof over their head, how is food going to be brought to the table, do we have any weight dragging us down? Then and only then can you begin to enjoy yourself freely without regret, have the capacity to share your time with someone special, or dive into a passion that brings you life. Ironically a lot of these always overlapped for her, throughout her life she truly enjoyed caring for those close to her, from Marcus, Gery and I, to those of you here that she knew personally and spent much of her time with. YOU were part of that passion, her passion for life and her way of realizing and participating in this crazy life that shaped her; It was clear that pouring her energy into those around her, knowing she had the power to uplift, lighting up the faces of her friends and acquaintances, was truly what brought her life deep within. Her close friends knew her as one of the most gracious hosts. Rita had a knack for entertaining. I would vividly remember the week of preparation it took to having her closest friends over; from taking out the guest dishes, cleaning all around the place, arranging the house to cooking at least 5 courses of food. It was always a treat to have her light up serving her own dishes; her infamous soups, salads with a classic Romanian kick, her unbeatable brisket and roast turkey to her homemade baklava and tortes. Everything from scratch, she had to assure every dish was served on time, presented appropately, and on the right plate! As she had her guests enjoying all of it, she was rarely at the table with them, even after begging her to simply relax for a minute, Ritta would always be going back to work on another surprise in the kitchen. Ritta always sought to maintain a certain image, as most migrant and immigrant families know, not to show signs weakness to ANY outsiders. Assuring me that my clothes weren't appropriate was common practice. If she were around and lucid today there would be a list of things I had already done wrong today or embarrassed her by doing. Things I can actually look back and smile at now knowing that she did it to prepare me for the eyes of the public and the harsh world we live in. Everything was always done out of love. What wasn't clear to those of you that didn't know her as intimately, was that after all of the trauma she experienced in her youth, that she was a deeply sad person. This materialized in many ways from how she mistreated herself to how she let her emotions loose on her family. But she grew up in a different world, and in a completely different time, where people had different sets of priorities and moral guidelines. The least I can do is use her experience of what I saw her manifest for herself, as a lesson on how to to carry myself in the future. Another thing basically everybody knew about Ritta, was that she never forgot to remind herself how sweet life can be. As her sweet tooth dominated most of her diet, her main source of pleasure outside of those around her that brought her life, was chocolate. Anytime she had an opportunity, Ritta would grab a bar, break off a piece and have a moment all to herself in pure bliss and enjoy the sweetness of life in peace. I remember vividly that she had a habit of sneaking down to the kitchen late at night to snack on one of the few things that gave her true pleasure. So, in her name, let's do the same to remember that life isn't all about sadness. Enjoying the present, in good company, relishing in the sweetness of life! (Break and hand out chocolate) To Ritta! Best grandma.

Cynthia Desser-Padan - 29 days ago

Our deepest condolences to all who loved Ritta. The world has lost a kind and elegant woman. She will not be forgotten. Cynthia & Gadi Padan

Mitzi Klein - 29 days ago

I was sorry to hear about the passing of Ritta. I knew Ritta from the first year that I came to Canada . She was a very pretty, cheerful and kind lady, with a good sense of humour. For many years she cared for her son, and after his death she and her husband Musiu dedicated themselves to their grandson Zachary as he grew up. I will always remember her hospitality, good humour and her wonderful laugh. My sincere condolences to the family. Rest in peace Ritta.

Israel Bonds Montreal - 29 days ago

To the family of the late Ritta Lecker, On behalf of the staff and management of Israel Bonds, please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of Ritta. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. May your memories give you comfort and may you be spared further sorrow. With our deepest sympathy, Israel Bonds/Canada-Israel Securities, Ltd.

Norman Fisher - 30 days ago

I have been managing Ritta' affairs for many years and I have known her to be a kind, warm and wonderful person. Pethaps her greatest quality was a will to live. That is how I will keep her in my thougjts as long as I live.

Sharoni Padan - 30 days ago

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Ritta Lecker. Ritta was a good friend of my parents and was loved by all her friends. May she Rest In Peace . Katina & Sharoni Padan

Mavel Inventor - 30 days ago

My deepest sympathy to Ritta Lecker's family. I used to take care of Ritta after Markus passed away. One of my fondest memory of her was how we loved to listen and sing along Doris Day's song Que Sera Sera "Whatever will be, will be. Ritta was the epitome of beauty, elegance and grace. Kindhearted, thoughtful and a woman who loved her husband very much. You will be missed but will not be forgotten.

Ian Katz - 30 days ago

To the family and friends of Ritta Lecker. My sincere condolences on your loss. I have many fond memories of the times our families spent together over the years. May her memory be a blessing and may you be spared further sorrow.

Paula & Saul Katz - 30 days ago

Our deepest sympathy on the loss of Ritta Lecker. Ritta was my oldest and dearest friend. Saul and I and our children have many happy memories of times spent with Ritta and her family. We spent many weekends traveling together, going on picnics together, spent holidays together and enjoyed just being together. Ritta will be greatly missed. May her memory be a blessing.

Hershey and Goldie Warshawsky - about 1 month ago

To all who knew Ritta Lecker, our deepest condolences on the loss of this wonderful women who lived beside us for so many years. Only tears can be shed in her memory. Rest in peace, Mrs. Lecker. Your former neighbours, Goldie and Hershey Warshawsky.