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Lou Marinoff - 7 days ago

Deepest condolences to family and friends of the late, great, and dearly missed Florence Brown. Her musical gifts, encouragements, and wisdom as a teacher opened for me--among so many other grateful students of decades past--a path of lifelong devotion to classical guitar. Florence laid a rigorous foundation for further development, and conveyed a boundless inspiration for artistic expression. So happy to have remained in touch with her these many years, and so saddened by her loss. Her memory is surely a blessing to all who knew her, or who simply heard her sing and play. "Vita brevis, ars longa (Life is short, art endures)."

Robert Kozlov - 19 days ago

My dear cousin Florence - an amazing woman who certainly lived a full and interesting life in her own inimitable way. Like many others, I was fortunate to have Florence as my classical guitar teacher. I’ll never forget my first lesson at about 8 or 9 when I first took the guitar and held it as any left-hander would and Florence, smiling at my naïveté, quickly turned it around and had me plucking the strings with my right hand. Though seemingly impossible at first blush, somehow it all worked. The weekly lessons also involved mandatory visits to Shirley and, of course, Aunt Minnie, which were lively and full of love. Through the many recitals that followed (some of which I participated in), I was always in awe of Florence’s incredible musical talent and spirit which will live on in the memories of so many of us fortunate to have had her in our lives not only as a teacher, but as someone with whom to engage in lively discussions.

Evelyn Schmetterer Gasoi - 22 days ago

Johanne Gour - 24 days ago

Florence being the friendly sister-in-law of my dearest friend Shirley Brown, I met her many years ago. What an outstanding human being! Her generosity had no limit when she committed herself to someone or something. Her passion for learning and for artistic life led her to unexpected discoveries which she granted with a beautiful opened mind. I enjoyed listening  to her music and her singing in harmony with Shirley playing the mandolin. Feigel will be missed by many people! May she rest in peace.   זיכרונה לברכה

Zelda Gurman - 24 days ago

Dear Minnie,Jerry. and Shirley and families. i am so sorry to hear about Faigle's passing. I just spoke to her a few week ago and we always reminisced about the good times we had growing up together with all the cousins. I always enjoyed visiting her and Shirley together at the Vista Residence. My deepest sympathies to you all. RIP my dear cousin. Love Zelda

Bernard Herman - 24 days ago

My first encounter with Florence was when I was 12 years old and she was 15. I used to spend a lot of time playing in front of the Brown's house on Jeanne Mance and Villeneuve. It was then that I first met a girl with a strong personality. I met her again at the Vista many years later and that same, strong personality still prevailed. She was a women's liber ahead of her time. My condolences to Jerry, Minnie and the entire family. Bernard ( Bucket ) Herman

rachael ary-de rozza - 24 days ago

In my life, Florence was so wonderful. She was a close friend of my family and she and Sophie came often to visit. I was a little kid and they were both so special in many ways, Florence always doing some lovely singing and playing guitar, and Sophie always telling me fabulous stories. Later I took guitar lessons from Florence - as did all my siblings - and that went on for years. When I married and left Montreal, I stayed in touch, always visiting her when we came back home to see family. We remained friends for decades and Florence sent me her writings about the stories of her life. Precious to me. An extraordinary person of great talent , she was always learning and doing more in every waking moment! I loved her and I always will.

Aaron Stuehler - 24 days ago

We were saddened to read that Faigel passed away. Our sincerest condolences to all that knew and loved her. May her memory always be for a blessing!❤️ Rinky and Aaron

Naomi Lapin - 24 days ago

Dear family of Faigel. Our deepest sympathies on your loss. My mom, Pearl Lapin, was also a guitarist & knew Faigel for many years. Jeffrey & I will miss Faigel. Sincerely, Naomi Lapin & Jeffrey Rother

Sarah and Gary Hutman - 24 days ago

Dear Minnie, Jerry, and the extended Brown family, Please accept our heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beloved sister ,sister in law and aunt. Sincerely Sarah and Gary

Doreen Sthal - 25 days ago

Dear Minnie, Jerry, Shirley and Familie's, I'm very sorry to hear about Faigie's passing. The last time I saw her was an afternoon filled with numerous stories and a beautiful concert performed by her and Shirley. My deepest sympathies to you all as you go through this most difficult time. RIP my dear cousin. Love Dody

Stephen Rosen - 25 days ago

My Sincere Condolences...............

Arlene Rosen - 25 days ago

Dear Rona, Lloyd & Family: My deepest condolences to all of you on the loss of your beloved Florence. Sincerely, Arlene Granich Rosen

Marilyn Solomon-Kalisky - 25 days ago

Dear Lloyd, Rona and family My sincerest condolences on the loss of your aunt. May the wonderful memories be a source of comfort to you all.

Rita Briansky - 25 days ago

I have known Florence since we were very young, and we never really lost touch with each other. She was a gifted, courageous ,positive person, who generously shared her love of music and knowledge with others. I am truly sorry to learn of her passing, and offer my sincerest condolences to Shirley and her family. Rita

Riana Levy - 25 days ago

Dear Shirley & family, I will miss your best friend, sister-in-law and Vista resident, Florence with all of my heart. She was an extra special woman who lived a long and happy life. She was passionate about music, love, education, yiddishkite and was a strong voice for women throughout her life. I will look after you, Shirley, and perhaps find someone who can play music and sing alongside with you. Much love to all! Riana at the Vista residence

Phyllis Sheinberg - 25 days ago

Dear Minnie, Jerry, and the entire Brown extended family, Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your sister Florence . With sympathy, Phyllis

CAROLE SHILLER - 25 days ago

Dear Shirley, I was saddened to hear of the loss of your sister-in-law. I know that your many good memories of her will sustain you.

Stephen Foxman - 25 days ago

I was 10 years old when the Beatles came into my world and my love for music grew and blossomed I began a copy Beatles band playing toy instruments with a couple of neighbours and had my sisters friends run after us and scream. My parents knew of Florence and soon I began my journey with her I remember cold winter nights, my father driving me to the cosy apartment on Queen Mary....the heady smell of wooden classical guitars, learning Malaquena, discovering the old folk songs and the new kid on the block Bob Dylan and Blowin in the Wind....wow! I fell in love with Dylan then....Florence would teach us the classical and for dessert we'd get Dylan or "Everybody loves Saturday night" with each verse in another language or "Sunrise Sunset". I couldn't wait for dessert but later on I really appreciated all that Florence instilled in me: the discipline of practice, reading notes, how to finger pick, the love of folk music and the ability to write music. What a beautiful neshama. I love all the music and love for music that you brought into my life, dear Florence. I will never forget you.

Maxine Sanders - 25 days ago

Dear Lloyd,Rona,and family, Sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved aunt. Maxine and Stephen

Sheldon Goldfarb - 26 days ago

I took guitar lessons from Florence Brown for four years, from the age of 9 through 12, lugging the guitar on the bus to get to her apartment. She taught me "Blowin' in the Wind" when it was hot off the press and could be stern with me: "Did you practice?" "Once or twice." "You're supposed to practice every day." "Oh." Thanks to her, I ended up on CBC Tween Set ... a long time ago.

Pearl Adams - 26 days ago

Florence died as she lived . She was passionate, strong, intelligent and uncompromising in her values and beliefs. She was gifted with a beautiful operatic voice and a wonderful ear for music She had an insatiable desire for knowledge, and was an avid reader and never stopped learning until the day she died. I was fortunate to have Florence as a cousin.- we became friends at a very young age. Florence and her sister-in-law Shirley inspired and influenced me in so many ways. I loved their musical performances. Florence was warm and caring to her immediate family as well as her extended family of Aunts and Uncles and her cousins and even to their children. Florence had a great sense of humor and she and Sophie told jokes and stories with Jewish accents that were hilarious. I loved her deeply and am so grateful to have had her in my life all these years. Florence left me with beautiful memories. I will miss her beautiful singing and our weekly conversations .Pearl

Carl Katz - 26 days ago

I studied classical guitar with Florence in my teens after a few years of studying with her sister-in-law and dear friend Shirley Brown. Florence taught me so much - especially how to employ tone, volume, rubato and vibrato to play expressively - this has served me very well in my career as a professional musician and producer. Recitals at the duplex on Kent St. were a "happening" where almost every kid performing seemed to have stage fright (myself included), she was so positive, encouraging and supportive. I understand from Shirley that to the very end she had a ton of energy and in recent weeks was dancing up a storm - such joie de vivre at 94! She also had a beautiful operatic voice - amazingly her Yiddish name Faigle translates to "bird" in English. Fly free Florence! Carl Katz, Vancouver BC

Eric Dick - 26 days ago

I remember being 7 years old when I first learned Morning Has Broken and Bridge Over Troubled Water... two staples in the "Faigle repertoire". It was on the same guitar she had taught my dad on about 20 years earlier. Then she insisted I get a new guitar (my first), which I still own and record with to this day. I dreaded her recitals, but I credit her with my first live performances. I also credit her with giving me a strong base in "finger-picking" style guitar, which I am very thankful for, and continues to serve me to this day. As a kid who didn't love lessons, I truly grew to appreciate what she had taught me later in my life and career. When we saw each other at family events she always had an anecdote or an interesting story to tell about something she had just learned. She had a deep love of the arts, firm beliefs and a strong point of view on everything, which I always respected. May we all live to be 94 with the same passion for life as Faigle. My deepest sympathies to all her friends and family.

Myra Issley - 26 days ago

Condolences to Florence’s family and friends.

Roma Kozlov - 26 days ago

Cousin Florence was a class act. One of my fondest memories of her (and there are many) is when she visited my family in Vancouver thirty years ago and joined Jade’s 10th birthday party, which entailed a rigorous hike up to the 3rd peak of Mount Seymour. At 64, Florence was absolutely delighted with this new challenging experience. She loved being around young people. I owe my love of classical guitar to Florence. I benefited from her high work ethic, knowing she could detect in a nanosecond if I had not practiced in between lessons. During my frequent visits home, I enjoyed many lively and heated conversations with Florence around my parents’ dinner table . I know my mother is going to miss their weekly chats. What a huge loss to ur family.

Bruce Spector - 26 days ago

I studied Guitar with Florence for a few years in the 1980's. I was 'Rock n' Roll' and she was 'Classical' and we got off to a rocky start but soon found common ground and had a great time! Florence opened my ears and heart to the beauty of Classical Guitar Music and for that, I will always be grateful. She was a lovely person and it was an honor to have studied with her. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Rena Clamen - 26 days ago

Florence was a wonderful teacher and mentor. It's been years since I picked up a guitar but I think I could still play Malaguena, or Classical Gas. I can still picture Florence's written arrangements and remember the joy of her student performances. My most sincere condolences to those who loved her. May you draw strength from your memories and be spared further sorrow.

Laura Kanofsky - 26 days ago

My most heartfelt condolences to to all of Florence's family. My study of guitar with Florence began at age 10 and lasted only a few years, as I stayed with piano which I had begun earlier. Yet as a multi-instrumentalist and someone who became a (still-practicing) music therapist, my appreciation of Florence's profound impact on my musicianship only increased over the years. I often have marveled in retrospect at the caliber of teaching that in a short time equipped me with skill and confidence in multiple styles -and I still recall my entire classical repertoire! But entwined in Florence's incredible musical giftedness and teaching skill were an unforgettable passion, a philosophical approach and a terrific sense of humor. After a 45-year "gap" in contact, and 40 years of living in California, my gratitude moved me to make contact with Florence. I sought her out and we had a wonderful chat on the phone, and I was beyond delighted to see and spend some time with her at Vista on a subsequent visit to Montreal. She was as vibrant and smart as ever, was clearly revered by fellow residents, and spoke of having recently taught literature, and about the joy in having continued to play duets with her sister-in-law Shirley. I feel so fortunate, and also so sad; Florence will continue to be an inspiration to me. May her memory be for a blessing to all.

mary bowman - 26 days ago

Florence and I were lifelong friends, and many a time on Saint Patricks Day, she would be at my house and enjoying and playing my favourite Irish music. We have had many a laugh over these many years. I shall always miss Florence and her joy for life. Mary Bowman Ottawa Ont.

Barry Kaplan - 26 days ago

I was a guitar student from age 6 to 13, in the early 1960s. She was very sweet and patient. I remember great pizza parties with other young guitar students at her apartment. I think of her often when listening to classical guitar music.

Millie Pearson - 26 days ago

Dear Rona Lloyd and family May you know no more sorrow my sincere condolences

Harriet and Howard Puritt - 26 days ago

Dear family, I have so many fond memories of Faigle in our house just hanging out and all the lively conversations and laughter ( and arguments) lol ,between her and my mother. Her beautiful voice and her music ( with Shirley)at all the house parties . We were so fortunate. She even tried to teach me piano when I was around 19. I wasn’t very good. May her memory be blessing for all of us. ❤️

Dena Fellen & Joe Segal - 27 days ago

Dear Minnie, Jerry, Shirley and all my cousins and their Families. We are very sad that Faigie is no longer with us. Whenever I wanted information about the Family tree I knew I could call her. We always had things to talk about. Because of COVID we have not been able to see her and to say goodbye. Please accept our deepest sympathy at this sad time.

Karen Freedlander Rothstein - 27 days ago

Florence the invincible , will never be gone in my mind. She was my mother Rhoda’s favourite cousin from childhood through to her 80s. Ages ago, she taught my brother to play guitar and he plays beautifully to this day. She and I had a long, laughter -filled talk and exchanged some remarkable emails only a few years ago.To me, Florence never got old- she just got better with age. May we all leave the world with the legacy she did. On behalf of my brother Dean, my sister Lori and myself, I send sympathy to Jerry and Min, Lloyd and Rona and Jarred and Samantha, Linda and Lisa, and families, and Sophie and Shirley. I will remember her always. Karen Freedlander Rothstein

Reva Hutkin - 27 days ago

I am heartbroken. We had been friends for 70 years. She was a wonderful woman. So glad I phoned her on her birthday. Little did zi know goodbye meant forever. My heart is with Shirley Brown.

Sari Greenberg - 27 days ago

I met Florence some years ago when we both had relatives at The Elder Care. She has since become a great part of my life. I will miss her very much. RIP dear friend.

Laura Yaros & Beth Blackmore - 27 days ago

Beth and I were heartbroken to receive a message this morning about Faigel. We both really loved her and cherish the wonderful times we spent with her over the years. Our deepest condolences to Shirley and the rest of the family.

Miriam and Beryl. Peletz - 27 days ago

Dear Jerry and. Minnie. Our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved sister and sister-in law