Dr. Allan Feldman

Funeral Service:
Private family service took place.
To the Benjamin Feldman and Family Endowment Fund for Transformational Activity in Mental Health Fund A406, https://donate.give.ubc.ca/page/68038/donate/1?transaction.dirgift=Benjamin+Feldman+and+Family+
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Miriam Sebbag - 3 days ago

Dr. Feldman's medical care made all the difference for my children. We have the fondest memories and my children still speak about him today. Wishing your family my most heartfelt condolences.

Robert Unger - 6 days ago

Dr. Feldman was an amazing doctor, many fond childhood memories, my condolences.

Clifford Simon - 10 days ago

Dear Feldman Family, It is with profound sadness we have come to learn of Dr. Feldman's passing. Our time as patients (Elliot and I) go back to infancy and continued on for numerous years well into early adulthood. We can look back fondly at most of our office visits other than the immunizations/vaccinations etc. We both did as much as we could to prevent each from occurring. This probably included trying to run out of the office, kicking the furniture and crying. Dr. Feldman and staff always succeeded. Dr. Feldman always remained calm and professional and we left with our lollipops. As the years went on and we got older, we were shown the dents we made on Dr. Feldman's office desk as a reminder of our past actions. May your lifetime of happy memories sustain you at this sad time. May you be spared further sorrow. Agnes, Elliot and Clifford Simon

Mike Cohen - 10 days ago

Dear Feldman family, As I wrote in The Suburban Newspaper, Dr. Feldman was a legend. We must find a way to honor his memory. Andrea and I have discussed it and we have some ideas. His legacy will live on!

Gaynor - 12 days ago

Mrs. Feldman and Family, Andrea, Shane, and Cadeau, Please accept our deepest condolences on the passing of such a loving husband and wonderful father/grandfather. His life had such a resounding impact on so many people; he has left an amazing legacy. With heartfelt sympathy, Gaynor and family

Margie Cohen Hitzig - 12 days ago

My deepest condolences to the family. Dr. Feldman took care of my boys; as well on occasion, a nervous new mother. He was an incredible, caring, supportive and remarkable physician. He will be greatly missed.

Karyn and Marty Shrier - 13 days ago

Feldman family, our deepest sympathies on the loss of Dr. Allan Feldman. He was kind, gentle man and he was my children’s pediatrician for several years! He will be missed!!

bryan wolofsky - 13 days ago

Dear Mildred, There are no words. I know he was sick, but it removes nothing from the sadness of his loss, and the memories of all he did for everyone here, and sooo many more. There is almost nothing to be added to all the beautiful words said on this site about all of our doctor, but I wll add just one thing. His smile. I loved his smile. It was the one thing that, when you knew you were about to get a shot and you REALLY didn't want one, it was the one little thing that made WAY TOO MANY needles tolerable. And his voice. So gentle and relaxed and soothing. TV and missing school notwithstanding, I really didn't enjoy my month with mono in October 1973! But our visits to him, with his smile, and so NOT stressed voice and asking me about which daytime game show I liked the most and who won Match Game /73 the previous day (always with a BIG smile and even then me wondering why on earth he would care) made a month without my friends tolerable. What a warm, intuitive, deep, loving, UNIQUE human being he was. Mildred, Howard, Warren, Andrea, - there was no one like him, and I would be surprised if there will ever be a "doc" quite like him in the future. A TRULY unique, warm, special human being. He will be missed by all of us - "his" kids. I will ALWAYS love him!

Betty & Joe Fridell - 13 days ago

Dear Feldman Family. Like so many others, we appreciate how fortunate we were to have Dr. Feldman as our paediatrician for our children who are now middle aged and have grown kids of their own. He was always available to us with warmth, reassurance and good advice. We also relocated to be nearer our family, but fond memories of our great life in Montreal and raising our family there included the security that we had someone dependable to rely on when needed. With sincere condolences, The Fridell’s/Toronto

Lilly Katofsky - 13 days ago

Dear Family of Dr. Allan Feldman, Like so many others, I also was most thankful to have Dr. Feldman in my family's life. He was the most compassionate and very available pediatrician whenever we needed him, which was very often in the early years of my sons' lives. My deepest condolences on your great and our loss. Affectionately, Lilly Katofsky

Sheila Bell - 13 days ago

Dear Mildred. My heart aches for you and the terrible loss but you have suffered. We Are of the generation who met love wed and raised our families together through the many decades. We were lucky. My late Morty and I never forgot your role of matchmaker in our lives. I wish you peace in your heart and your loving and happy memories to keep you company in your sorrowMy condolences to your children and grand children and to you my dear friend

David Feldman - 14 days ago

I'm so sorry for your loss - though I had never met Allan, through everything I've heard and read about him he seemed like a great man. My sincerest condolences

Dariya - 14 days ago

Please accept my condolences

Carol and Nelson Modlincc - 14 days ago

Our heartfelt condolences to your family on the passing of Dr. Allan Feldman, a wonderful Pediatrician, and a true mensch, par excellence. He was adored by my three daughters, from birth to ages 17, 16 and 15 when we relocated to Toronto. May the fond memories you cherish help sustain you through this very difficult time.

Hilda Amar - 14 days ago

My deepest condolences to the Feldman family.Dr Feldman was my two sons doctor on the same street Smart. What an incredible doctor We will never forget his kindness and competence.

Phil Katz - 14 days ago

To the Feldman family my deepest condolences. Dr. Feldman took care of my two daughters back in the seventies what a great doctor

Jolanta and Ben - 14 days ago

What a beautiful life He lived… I am so very sorry for your loss. You All are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, stay strong…

Bhavna &Monti Solecki - 15 days ago

While no one and nothing can fill the hole created by the loss of your loved one, I know that our dear friend and neigbour Dr Allan would want you to think of all the joy, love, and laughter that remains in the world. We may know that death is a part of life, yet it’s never easy to lose someone. I’m so very sorry for the loss of our dear friend and neigbour Dr Allan, whom I know was a bright spot in our lives. I loved hearing his stories of his early days of practice and meeting Maldrid and how much he loved and cared for her. I could walk to his place anytime whenever I needed advice. I still remember the day I lost my father and he knocked at my door to sit with me.After losing someone you love, it can feel like you’re floating through life. You go through the motions, but are numb to the world around you. One of the hardest parts can be trying to reconnect yourself. He was amazing part of our lives in every joy and sorrow.Our thoughts and heart are with you Maldrid during this time. I’m so sorry for the loss of your loved one, as I know Dr Allan was a special person in your life. May the many happy memories that you made together be a consolation today and all the days ahead. We send you and your family our sincere condolences and sympathies.True friends are still here, loving and living life with you. We are holding you in our heart and standing with you in your time of loss.

Illeana Madrid - 15 days ago

Dear Dr. Allan and Mildred. I miss you so much since the virus has kept us apart this past while. I miss our fun visits around the pool, sharing so many wonderful stories. You are both such great story tellers.! I miss visiting in the evening, drinking tea . I miss listening to the wisdom of both your experiences in life. Thank you for loving Marcus because he loves you. We

Denise Zunenshine - 15 days ago

Dear family of Dr. feldman, i was very saddened to hear of Dr. feldman’s passing. He eased me into motherhood when my daughter was born. He assured me that I was doing a great job, when I was so unsure of everything. I remember him telling me that she could suck her thumb, it was hers! He was always positive and encouraging. May he rest in peace. He was one of a kind! Denise Zunenshine

Debby Newpol - 15 days ago

The Newpol family mourns the passing of our beloved Dr Feldman. Rest In Peace Debby, Matt, Josh and Alix

Pearl and David Hazan - 15 days ago

Dear devoted and loving family of the late Dr. Feldman, We we’re really sad to learn of Dr. Feldman’ passing . He was an old time country doctor and modern doctor all rolled into one of the greatest doctor to our precious “little people.” Always caring, lovable kind and professional with a superb sense of humour. We all loved him for his expertise , but especially because he was a mensch in all aspects of the word mensch. We will always remember him in our hearts and minds with a wealth of love and kindness. Sincerely Pearl , David Neil and Michael Hazan

Esther Amar - 15 days ago

Dear Mrs Feldman…in are family also ..we will always remember him ….he was so caring ..the only doc ever I could call at 5:00 or 6:00 am Baruch Dayan Haemet

Barbara Rosen - 15 days ago

Dear Mrs.Feldman and family, My sons (Robert Byer and the late Jarrod Byer) adored Dr.Feldman as did I and so many others!! May his memory be for a blessing and May he rest in peace

Sari Goffman - 15 days ago

I am so saddened to hear of the passing of the best paediatricians ever! Always compassionate, caring and kind… in my younger years I had many struggles with my stomach, and as I suffered immensely with pain, I will always remember him looking at my mom and saying “she’ll be fine….. just full of poop” (he used another term that I won’t post…😉) and we always had a good laugh… I remember his home office as if I was there yesterday… My sincere condolences to the whole family… may his memory live forever in your hearts… BDE

John Goldstein - 15 days ago

Dear Feldman family, I am very saddened by the news of Dr. Feldman’s passing. Sometimes when reading an obituary one thinks to themselves this is not the person I remember. In this case it most definitely was. I only have fond memories Dr. Feldman. He was mine and my four brother’s pediatrician from the late sixties to well into the eighties. Far beyond the time that we should have been seeing a pediatrician. My mother used to take us for our check ups and whenever we weren’t feeling well, often by taxi from Chomedey, as she didn’t learn to drive until later. Dr. Feldman was the best. He was smart, kind, understanding, friendly, patient and had a great sense of humour. He always made me feel at ease no matter the reason I was there and he always knew what to do if you did not feel well. There was no need for uncomfortable tests. Dr. Feldman would look at you, do his examination, ask a few questions and diagnose the problem and of course there was the lollipop at the end. Most of all he was great with my Mother, who often worried and asked many questions. He always put her at ease and was always available to speak to her or see us. It has been a long time that I have seen Dr. Feldman, I have often thought of him and have told stories to my now adult children of him. Although, he is no longer physically with us, please take comfort in the knowledge that he was admired and loved by his family, friends and his many patients. He will be forever in our memories. My most sincere condolences to his family. Fondly, John Goldstein

Lynn and LeonardAbelson - 15 days ago

Dear Feldman Family, We the Abelsons send our deep and heartfelt sympathy on the loss of Dr. Allan Feldman. What a compassionate and caring pediatrician who provided the most professional and individual care to his many patients. He was a true friend and mentor to the parents aiding them with all the challenges of parenthood. Our thoughts are with his most devoted wife Mildred and his beautiful family. May your lifetime of treasured memories comfort you. Warmly, Lynn, Leonard, Joanna and Jonathan

Esti Jedeikin - 15 days ago

Dear Mildred, My heartfelt condolences on your loss.... Allan was our pediatrician until the kids got too old.... Fond memories... Esti

Sandy and Eli Kogut - 15 days ago

40 yrs ago, I gave birth to my first born,Shira! Dr.Feldman told me to call every Friday for a month with all my concerns or just to say I still wanted to keep her! Music to a new mom and dad! What a pleasure to have such a mensch as our doctor!Treasure all your memories!

Beverley Bratt - 16 days ago

Dear Mrs. Feldman, Please accept our most sincere condolences on your profound loss. In sympathy to you and your family. Beverley & Stephen Bratt

Frances and Morty Wellen - 16 days ago

To the Feldman family; Heartfelt condolences on the passing of Doctor Feldman, our neighbour and pediatrician to all our children. When he parked his car in our garage we would bring an ailing child for him to check. He was a very special and compassionate person. Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Sincerely, Frances & Morty

Natalie Fichman Stern - 16 days ago

Dear Mildred, Andrea and family, I was so sorry to read about the passing of Allan. My deepest condolences to all of you and may the many memories you have bring you much comfort over the coming weeks and months. With love, Natalie

Stephanie Gordon - 16 days ago

Dear Feldman Family; my deepest condolences to you and your family on the passing of a very special man. He was a kind soul that was known by many. One of a kind. He will be missed. My husband Yan and I often compared him to the doctors of today but I kept telling him they don’t make them like Dr Feldman anymore. I was ready for my shots or a booster with the smile face he did in pen. The lollipops after each visit. Truly one of the good ones. My thoughts and prayers are with the Feldman family. Stephanie Gordon

Fran Krane - 16 days ago

My sincere sympathy to Dr. Feldman’s lovely wife & to all the family. Our kids were so lucky to have Dr. Feldman for their paediatrician many years ago. I’ve never forgotten his Kindness, his wonderful manner, & great care, May good memories of happy times help comfort you. Fran Krane

Jeannette Singerman - 16 days ago

Yan - 16 days ago

Dear Feldman Family, I was one of many many little children that went to Dr. Feldman's home to be check-up or healed. I have been a patient of Dr. Feldman from the day I could walk, and let me tell you that there's a plethora of why Dr. Feldman means so much to me and how I have never forgotten who this gentle soul means a lot to me. Here's one reason why Dr. Feldman means the world to me and how I owe him my very existence to him. I was five years old and my parents gave me penicillin for medications (they didn't know that I was allergic to it) and as soon as I took it my throat swelled up. Bare with me I am 47 years old and my memories isn't the greatest but I know this for sure; I was rushed to the hospital (I believe it was The Montreal Children) and I was supposed to be put into some sort of oxygen room or tank. The nurse who was supposed to take care of me forgot to put the oxygen tank on, so yes I died for whatever time that I was gone I don't know, but if it wasn't for Dr. Feldman and his speedy reactions I would've not only have some brain damage or worst died for good, but my parents would've lost the firstborn because of an incompetent nurse. You see Dr. Feldman wasn't your typical Doctor, no he was much more to us patients he was an angel in disguise, he took time to makes sure to know us and he made sure that he took the time to know the parents as well. Here's a funny story, I was also a kid that hated vaccine (no I am not an anti-vaxxer) so when it was time for me to take my shots I always ran to the garage or bathroom and locked the door. The only way that they could get me out was through curiosity (Dixie Cups design, Lolipop, and other trinkets) he also made sure that even if I was anxious or nervous he had a way to talk to me to soothe me and comfort me. Dr. Feldman was an incredible person, I always wonder what happens to him and as I got older I would use him as an example to compare him to other doctors. We lost a great man who had the biggest heart and the greatest passion for his patients. The world got much darker without its shining angel who kept a bright light of hope for those who are innocents and scared. We the patients lost an angel who kept us safe and guided us through all the illnesses that one can face. To the Feldman families my deepest condolences for your loss, we mourn with you, and please take comfort that he is now with GD telling his many great stories and bringing comfort for those who need it most up in Heaven. I miss you already Dr. Feldman from the Hakim family. Yan Moise Hakim

Arlene Margolese - 16 days ago

Dear Andrea and Family, so ver sorry to hear of the loss of Dr. Feldman. He was "larger then life", a true mensch and a warm sensitive doctor. May his memory be for a blessing.

Bluma and Michael Litvack and Family - 16 days ago

Dear Feldman Family, a short note to add to all the other special condolences that are honouring "our" Doctor Feldman who played a role in caring for our two daughters, Donna and Marla, over their childhood years. It is obvious that Doctor Feldman was so admired, respected and adored by each of his young patients and their families. His warm smile that lit up his round face brought reassurances to whoever was in his presence. May all the wonderful memories of Doctor Feldman be a blessing for everyone. Heartfelt condolences to his loved ones.

Steve Starke - 16 days ago

I am so sorry for everyone’s loss he was an amazing guy I haven’t seen you guys in years but he was my doctor when I was a child rest in peace xo

Derek - 16 days ago

Dear Andrea and family, my sincerest condolences on the loss of your father.

Robin Farber Steinberg - 16 days ago

Dear Family, I was one of Dr. Feldman’s young patients. He was one in a million. I will never forget how exciting his waiting room was. Always adding new toys and books to the display. May you be spared further sorrow and in time may you smile at his memory rather than shed a tear. Robin

Anna & Irving Choran - 16 days ago

To the family of Dr. Feldman, As a young mother I can't count the number of times I would call Dr. Feldman at 7:00 am worried about one of our children. He was so calming and always available to see us. Our children, now in their 50's, nor we the parents will ever forget Dr. Feldman, always with a ready smile and a lollipop. Our heartfelt condolences to his wife, Mildred, and family.

Lorna & Stanley Clamen - 16 days ago

Dear Mildred & Family We wish to extend our sincere condolences to the entire Feldman family. Dr. Feldman was a wonderful doctor and friend. Our 3 children still talk about him when we are together. The last time we saw you both was about 13 years ago in California. It was a memorable time for all of us.

Joyce ross - 16 days ago

Dear Feldman family.please except my condolences. On your loss. I worked with him when he first started out. He was a real mensch. Joyce ross

Marielle miller - 16 days ago

Dear Mildred and family, I am very sorry for your great loss. Allan was the pediatrician for both my children. He was always there for us. Marielle

lorraine charad - 16 days ago

dr. Feldman was a wonderful sweet and kind man. And of course a wonderful Doctor. Sincere condolences to the Feldman family. Lorraine Lenny Marni and Michael Charad

Louis and Karen Grossbaum - 17 days ago

To the entire Feldman family, Karen and I wish to convey our deepest sympathies on the recent passing of Doc Feldman. We first met the Doc when we were all counsellors at Camp Mackabee in Trout Lake and Dr. Feldman was the Camp doctor. When we later got married and had two daughters who else would we go to other then the nicest guy and pediatrician in Montreal. He was the best and the easiest to talk to and everything that was said by the family in the obituary is so true. Every time the kids left his office on Smart in Cote St Luc and no matter how much they cried, he gave them a lollipop to shed their tears and naturally they left happy. He was the gentlemen and professional that every family should have the opportunity to associate with. Thanks to him our girls grew up to have families of their own and provide us with 5 grandchildren who would have loved a Doc Feldman as their pediatrician. Doc, you did well and Rest in Peace. You really knew how to serve your profession.

Andrew Jacobs - 17 days ago

Dear Mildred, Andrea, Warren, and Howard, My sincere condolences on the passing of a very special person. Dr. Feldman (as you know) was my pediatrician, and remained my doctor on and off through my late teenage years. He saved my life on more than one occasion, and dispensed sound guidance on health-related issues way into my twenties. He was a trusted friend to me, and my entire family from our humble beginnings just five houses away from yours on Smart Avenue. I remember Dr. Feldman lovingly for taking an interest in our lives. How many times as a grown adult do I remember going to see him, and being in the basement waiting room with my fellow patients, all of whom were infants drinking from bottles? He always helped with the best treatment, or the best advise, just a few doors away, even after leaving the neighborhood. A sad farewell, and a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Feldman for always being accessible, a great physician, and a good friend. With much respect and affection, Andy

Luba Okun-Harris - 17 days ago

Dear Feldman family, As a child, I was always fearful of doctors. Dr. Feldman had such a way about him, that I forgot those fears. He was a very special man! May his memory be for a blessing. With my deepest sympathies, Luba Okun-Harris

Debbie Shaikin - 17 days ago

To the Feldman family, my sincere condolences. Dr. Feldman was my pediatrician and he was the best. He even saw me when I was an adult, had come in from out-of-town and felt strep throat coming on. He understood kids and parents and had compassion and empathy for both. May your good memories sustain you at this very sad time. Debbie Okun Shaikin

Janice Bell - 17 days ago

Dear Feldman Family, my deepest condolences. Dr Feldman was my 4 children’s pediatrician . We lived in Chomedey. He was a very special and caring person. May his memory be a comfort to you in these difficult times.

Marlene Lewis - 17 days ago

BDE. Dear Feldman Family. My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved husband, father, father in law and grandfather. Dr. Feldman was a very special Dr and I was lucky to call him my children's Dr. He was so kind with the kids and he always made them so comfortable. Nobody ever left his office without a lollipop in their mouth. May you be comforted by his memory and may his memory be a blessing.

Cindy Raider - 17 days ago

Sending heartfelt condolences to the entire Feldman family. Like so many others, Dr. Feldman was our Pediatrician. He was always smiling with a twinkle in his eye, a calm & kind demeanour, quick with humour as well as perfect diagnosis. He made going to the doctor a positive experience & he held everyone's trust. Dr. Feldman was one of a kind & will never be forgotten! May all of your cherished memories help ease you through this difficult time.

Nancy & Fred Fitzhugh - 17 days ago

To Mildred and family. We were saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Feldman. He was a wonderful man! We remember all of his “children’s photos decorating his office walls. He was always available and it was very reassuring to a nervous mom! May your treasure-chest of wonderful memories be of comfort during this most difficult time.

Sharon Karpman He ht - 17 days ago

Dear Family, I was a patient of Dr. Feldman. I was fortunate to have him come to our home on a Sunday late afternoon in 1967. He diagnosed appendicitis and recommended a trip to the hospital. That trip led to a burst appendicitis and a slow recovery. I was so lucky that he came to see me at home without the regular symptoms. It was a slow and long recovery but he was there every step of the way. He was a special doctor whom I was fortunate to have. May his memory be a blessing. He certainly was a blessing for me. Sharon Karpman

Recia Gordon - 17 days ago

Dear Feldman Family; My sincere condolences on the passing of a very special man. He was beloved by all his many patients and their families. I remember my older daughter, who was afraid of needles would open the garage door and run around his car until he caught her and brought her back to the examining table. When I was concerned that my younger daughter didn’t speak at all, he reassured me and told me that she didn’t talk because my older daughter spoke for her so she didn’t need to talk. He was right and at three she finally started talking in complete sentences. May the many special memories you shared sustain you and bring you comfort at this very sad time. Recia Gordon

Lisa Fitzhugh - 17 days ago

Dr. Feldman was a kind and devoted doctor. I was very fortunate to be his patient when I was a child for many years. He always had a smile for me (and a lollipop!), and was a very patient and gentle man. He will be missed. May you be comforted by his memory.

Benjamin Burko - 17 days ago

Dr. Feldman clearly made a great impact on his community and patients. How lucky was I (and my wife!) to have such a fine pediatrician that we both reminisce about regularly. I can pay him no greater compliment than to let his family know that he was one of the most influential people in my life. When I was growing up, I wanted to be just like Dr. Feldman. Today, I am a Pediatrician, practicing medicine in Cote St-Luc...Just like Dr. Feldman! Thank you Dr. Feldman. To your family, who supported your being "Dr. Feldman", I offer my most sincere sympathies. Ben Burko

Roxana - 17 days ago

Dear Andrea please accept my sincere condolences.

Janice Kandestin - 17 days ago

Dear Howie, Gerry joins me in sending our deepest sympathies to you and your family.May your memories of your beloved father be comforting to you.

Debby Mayman - 17 days ago

To the Feldman Family, it was a privilege to have had Dr. Feldman take care of our children. We lived only a few blocks away and whenever I pass the house I remember him well. He was kind, gentle, and had a big smile on his face and the children loved him. He was always available and as young parents that was greatly appreciated. May you be comforted by all the pleasant memories you shared and know we are thinking of you at this time. Debby Mayman

Gail Marer - 17 days ago

Dear Mrs Feldman and family, Dr Feldman looked after my two children for years. I remember the 8 am phone calls, when he would reassure me and answer all my concerns. Never judging. The many visits to Smart ave. where we were greeted with a big smile and his wonderful personality. My children still remember him. Fondly. Wishing you health and comfort in the New Year. Gail

Barbara and Jerry Goffman - 17 days ago

Dear family: It is with much sadness and very fond memories of the late Dr Feldman. He was a part of our lives even before he was the Pediatrician of our children and what a wonderful and devoted Doctor he was. My dad, David Katz, taught his children musical instruments! We have lost a very special person. We will never forget this warm and caring human being. He will be missed. May he RIP Barbara and Jerry Goffman

Judy Sternthal - 17 days ago

Dear Feldman family. Dr Feldman was the best Joan Neil and Benjie were his patients. He was always there for us,so caring and concerned but always calm We always knew we could count on him for the best medical care and advice Please accept our deepest sympathies. Judy Sternthal

Caroline and Ernest Burman - 17 days ago

Dear Mildred and family, It is with profound sorrow that we learned of Allan's passing. As you well know he was not only my children's paediatrician from birth to adulthood, we were colleagues at the Montreal Children's hospital. As a young newly trained social worker I could always rely on him for advice and counsel. We were both part of the team that established the Adolescent clinic at the Children's. His interest in the teenagers beyond their medical problems was so apparent . Not only patients and colleagues, we also became friends and so enjoyed the time the 4 of us spent together. He will be very deeply missed. Mildred, our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. May his memory be a blessing.

Lori Boretsky Tryansky - 17 days ago

Dear Feldman Family Sending you sincere condolences from our family I have found memories of seeing kind Dr Feldman in his office at his home and his home visits to our home . His smile and kind voice and kindness we always remember

Natalie & Stan Bassel - 17 days ago

Dear Mildred and the entire family. There was only ONE Dr. Feldman! He took care of all of our three children. An amazing diagnostician and compassionate individual. He also became my confidante and mentor on so many levels. Keep his wonderful memories alive forever. He had such a huge following and so admired and respected. May your family be spared any further sorrow.

Sharon Levine - 17 days ago

Dear Feldman Family, Sincerest condolences to you on the loss of an incredible man and most special doctor, who was a dear friend to all. His kindness , compassion , and dedication to his patients will forever be remembered. Our children are grown with children of their own, but keep a special place in their hearts for their Dr. Feldman. May his memory be a blessing, BDE.

Leanna Starke - 17 days ago

Dear Mildred, Howard, Warren and Andrea. We were all saddened to hear about Allan’s passing. I’m sure your memories will bring you comfort and put a smile on your face in time. The times we all spent together were always filled with laughter. Leanna, Heidi and Stephen.

Ruthie Dressler - 17 days ago

Dearest Mildred, Howard, Warren and Andrea, My heart is full with thoughts of Dr. Allan, all of you, and a multitude of loving memories from our years on Smart Avenue. The Feldman Family weren’t just treasured neighbours, nor was Allan Feldman just our esteemed doctor…rather he was a life saver for all of us. So many memories. I am remembering that Winter morning when Jennifer wanted to lick the ice from the front stairwell railing and her lips and tongue got stuck frozen to it. Our beloved doctor came running across the street in his pyjamas to peel her mouth from the railing mere seconds before she might have lost her speech. In honouring this divine soul, may you find the strength and comfort within each other’s arms as you treasure the gift of his life. And may he rest in sweet eternal peace knowing he is loved.

Sheldon Liberman - 17 days ago

He was my pediatrician for years. Nothing but good things to say about him. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

MyraandDanny Kerzner - 17 days ago

To the entire Feldman family. We are so sorry to hear that our Dr. Feldman has passed away. We have only fond memories of this wonderful caring pediatrician who has looked after my boys since they born at the Jewish General until the age of 18 . Always an immediate call back when I needed to ask a question and always waited for us when we came in from Dollard in tremendous traffic for their yearly checkups. Cherish all the wonderful memories of not only a compassionate and warm loving doctor, also a real MENCH. Rest in peace Dr. Feldman. Myra and Danny Kerzner

Dr. Shawn Gmora - 17 days ago

Dear Feldman family: Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss. My brothers and I have fond memories of our yearly check-ups and vaccination visits. He was my first exposure to the medical field and I have never forgotten his kindness and gentle demeanour. May you know no more sorrow. Dr. Shawn Gmora

Bella and Mark Kotler - 17 days ago

To the Feldman Family We are extremely sad to hear of Dr. Feldman's passing. The kindest and most reliable pediatrician who truly cared about the children and the worried parents. He actually examined my daughter Sherri on the grass in front of our home when she showed signs of an Allergic reaction. We send you our sincerest condolences .May the wonderful memories sustain you at this very difficult time.

Shelley Schwartz - 17 days ago

Dear Howard and family. It’s been awhile. Thinking of you at this sad time. Hoping memories of your dad will sustain you and put a smile on your face. My best , Shelley Schwartz

Sandra Reisler - 17 days ago

What a wonderful human being and fabulous doctor. I will never forget the snow storm he drove through to come and see my sick children. Rest in peace

Ernie Karkoukly - 17 days ago

Dear Andrea: sending you my condolences on the passing of your beloved father. I know how much you loved him, held him in high esteem, were proud of his accomplishments and grateful for his very positive influences on your life and upbringing. Feel consoled by the facts that his legacy will endure the long passage of time and that he is finally resting in blessed peace.

Ala Gamulka - 17 days ago

Dear Mildred and family. My tears are flowing and my heart is breaking. Memories of a wonderful, kind and caring doctor flood me. Allan Feldman was not just the pediatrician to the Gamulka children. He was our friend and adviser. On our darkest day, when our child died, he came to the house to hold my hand. His compassion and love will never be forgotten. May you and yours be spared from further sorrow.

Monica and Joseph Gauze - 17 days ago

Dear Mildred and Family, Our condolences on the passing of Alan. He was a real gentleman and we remember him with respect and fondness. May his memory be a blessing.

The Torobin Family - 17 days ago

Dear Mildred, Andrea, Warren and Howard, Our heartfelt sympathies to you on the loss of your beloved husband and father Allan z"l. Though Dr. Feldman was our wonderful pediatrician who kept us healthy all through the 1960's and 1970's, he became a wonderful friend to all of us when our two families bought our little vacation apartments in De Soto Park in Hallandale. As Andrea reminded us, Allan and Sy used to joke "it never rains in De Soto Park!" which was as much a reflection on the weather as it was on the happy times our families had together in Florida. Allan's patience, calmness, wisdom and reassuring smile helped calm the nerves and anxieties of both parents and children in that heimishe office on Smart Avenue. May the love and support of friends, family - and former patients living all over the world - provide some comfort to all of you at this sad time. We are sure our dear Sy has already welcomed Allan up there in heaven. All our love, Edith and Jackie and Brian

Brenda Gewurz - 17 days ago

Dear Feldman family, like so many others, dr Feldman took care of Zev, ilan and Ora in a most loving and caring manner- a consummate gentleman who had a twinkle in his eye! He always came thé the hospital immediately as I had c- sections and the infant’s physician had to check the baby ASAP. He would come early and I recall the first time waited with me and reassure me just prior to my entering the surgery room the surgery room. Always remembered by the children and I - a true mensch. May his memory be a blessing to you all.BDE

Carole Halickman - 18 days ago

Dear Mildred and family So sorry to read of the passing of your beloved Allan. As The obit said, he was a most wonderful Dr. And amazing Husband and family Man He will be missed and Will be remembered fondly. Carole Halickman

Vilma & Howard Katz - 18 days ago

Dear Mildred and Family, Our heart goes out to you on losing our wonderful Allan. As his obit says " he really was a wonderful man ".All the times at the beginning of his being the protector of our chlldren, answering all of our questions because we as new parents asked such questions and he always allayed our fears. He made us feel as though we were his most important family. The side entrance led to his warm and wanderful care. His chapter of our lives will never be forgotten . We will miss our confident and friend and trust he will still be handing out his advice and jolly demeaner somewhere where he is needed.

Angela Stotland (Feldman) - 18 days ago

Dear Mildred, Howard, Warren and Andrea The world has lost a real "mensch", a person you could count on always. I loved him dearly and will miss him very much. May his memory be a blessing to you and your children and may you know no more sorrow. Angela Stotland (Feldman)

Joani Turner - 18 days ago

Sheldon has fond memories of Uncle Allan and we hope that these thoughts of those happy times will give you the strength to support each other as a family. Our deepest sympathy to all of you! Joani and Sheldon

Catherine Mayers - 18 days ago

Dear Andrea and family, wishing you comfort and peace of mind at this very difficult time. Andrea, your love for your parents is extraordinary and losing your Dad has been so difficult. May all your wonderful memories of your Dad be a blessing to you and your family now and forever. Baruch Dayan ha Emet

Mildred kaminsky - 18 days ago

Dear Mildred. Ben and I want to reach out to you on your terrible loss of Allan. You were such a great team devoted to each other and the community A caring paediatrician and you as his constant companion and assistant. We are cousins a d friends. A friendship over the years sharing family memories. Weddings a d all the important markers in our lives. May his memories be a strength and blessing. Mildred and. Ben

Marsha and Mort Levy - 18 days ago

To the Feldman family. We were saddened to hear of the death of this lovely and kind man. We first met Allan some 47 yrs. ago when we became neighbours on Smart ave. ,CSL. He welcomed us warmly and we looked forward to our frequent encounters with him and his lovely wife,Mildred. They were both very welcoming and added to our daily happiness.Allan was a gentleman in every way and everybody on the block adored him. Our deepest sympathies to Mildred and the family. We retain only the fondest memories of him. May the family be spared further sorrow.

Charles Cohen - 18 days ago

When I learned of the passing of Dr. Feldman I felt a profound sorrow . This was a person that impacted so many lives in his giving and caring of others. I certainly remember my youth hanging around on Smart street. I witnessed the respect he had earned for his caring of others. I can only remember Dr. Feldman for what he brought and how he bettered others lives. It with heartfelt sympathy to say goodbye. To Andrea, Mrs Felman and family, my sincere sympathies for your loss.

Frima Rosen - 18 days ago

To the Feldman Family: As young parents living in Chomedey, by luck we were introduced to Dr. Feldman who said, no problem, I make house calls to Chomedey, which he did diligently until the onset of Medicare. He was an amazing diagnostician, knew in an instant what was wrong, and my two sons never minded a visit to the doctor. Well remembered is one Erev Yom Kippur that my 10 year old developed a high fever and weak muscles. I was instructed to call Dr. Feldman exactly at 7 AM Yom Kippur morning to let him know what his temperature was. I was happy to report he had no fever and Dr.Feldman said okay Mom, no worries, he'll be fine. That was the mensch Dr.Feldman was. Brilliant, kind, funny, someone you felt you could count on no matter what. To his dear wife who was always by his side, and to his children and grandchildren, may his memory serve as an inspiration always, you know he will be very well remembered by all his patients and their parents. Heartfelt condolences, Frima Rosen

Carole Spector - 18 days ago

Dear Feldman family,Our deepest sympathy on your great loss.He was the most wonderful and caring doctor to my 3children[Robert Stacey and Leslie] I and they absolutely adored him. May the wonderful memories you have give you strength at this difficult time. May he Rest In Peace. Fondly the Spector family

Debby and Manny Vineberg - 18 days ago

Dear family, Dr. Feldman was our children’s doctor. Out son was also a oncology patient at MCH. On the occasions that Dr. Feldman would make a surprise visit at the hospital, our late son, Kenny would tell him to go home, that he was not a hospital doctor which would also bring a smile and chuckle from D. Feldman. Truly a caring man. BDE Debby and Manny Vineberg

Brian Feldman - 18 days ago

Dear Andrea and family, I am very sorry for your huge loss. I have only the fondest memories of Allan. Please accept my deepest condolences.

Avrom David Shtern - 18 days ago

Dearest Andrea and Mrs. Feldman, We are so sorry to hear the passing of such a special soul. Smart Avenue in Cote Saint Luc had one gem of guy and it was Andrea's father. Our deepest condolences to both of you anf your family at this time of grief. Andrea, as my (Avrom) oldest and dearest friend, may you know that your father is looking down from on high. May the light shine on his soul. Blessed is Judge of Truth. Boorich Dayan Emess. Love, Avreyml and Heidi

Anita Dressler - 18 days ago

My sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather. Andrea you and your brothers are blessed to have such marvelous memories of this special man. Your Mom will always miss her beloved husband, friend and companion. The loving memories will sustain her. His grandchildren have his memory as a role model for their future. May his memory be a blessing

Ruth Eliesen - 18 days ago

Dear Feldman Family & Friends & Former Patients, Sincere condolences on the loss of a very special, gentle man . In the early 60's, I used to drive from Dollard des Ormeaux with my children, Michael and Carri to visit with their pediatrician. In those days, it was somewhat of a feat - not like today - but it was always worth the visit. May you know no more sorrow and may he RIP.

Geoff and Paula Kwitko - 18 days ago

Deepest condolences to the Feldman family. Dr. Feldman was my pediatrician and both my son’s pediatrician. It was surreal bringing my kids to the same examining room for my children that I went to as a child. Always kind and put all his patients at ease. He will be missed

Anne Bernstein - 18 days ago

Deepest sympathies to the family of Dr. Feldman. The last time I saw my former paediatrician was some years ago when we met on the street, he with his wife and me with my young daughter. I was so happy to share my delight with my daughter - “This was MY doctor!”. Of course I have never forgotten him in many, many decades. He would affectionately call me “Sarah Heartburn” in recognition of my flair for the dramatic. And how gentle he was, in his examinations, administering injections, and dealing so brilliantly with the various issues that arose. He was incredibly kind and supportive to my mother, as well. I hope the knowledge that he will always be fondly remembered is of some comfort to you. Sincerest condolences.

Monica Bell - 18 days ago

My deepest sympathies to the family. Dr. Feldman was our family’s paediatrician and we were very lucky to have him looking after us. My parents can attest that he even made emergency house calls without hesitation to look after our well being. May he Rest In Peace.

Maida Haltrecht - 18 days ago

My deepest sympathies and condolences to Andrea, Mrs Feldman and the family. Andrea and I have been friends for over 40 years and whenever I would be at her house her mom and dad would be there to greet me and ask me how I was. Dr Feldman was a nice person with a great sense of humor and love for his family. Lots of wonderful memories with Andrea, Mrs Feldman, and Dr Feldman.

Sheila and Herb Greenwald - 18 days ago

Dear Millie and family It has been a long time but we have wonderful memories of good times spent with you and your family We spent that summer at Makabee together and saw how terrific Alan was with the campers Keep your happy memories Sheila and Herb

Ted Lebovics - 18 days ago

Bluma and I would like convey our heartfelt sympathies to Mildred and the Family. We always thought of Allan as a dear friend who was also our children's (Danny, Risa and Debbie) pediatrician. He was knowledgeable but above else, he really cared. May his memory be a comfort to you in these difficult times. BDE

Suzanne and Edmond Elbaz - 18 days ago

Dearest Family , Our deepest and most sincere sympathy to you . Dr Feldman was a gentleman , a scholar , a gentle soul, and a humanitarian. He will be remembered forever May he rest in eternal peace knowing he was so respected , loved , and admired . Very sincerely , Suzanne and Edmond and family .

Shelley and Howard Diamond - 18 days ago

Dear Mrs.Feldman and family...We are very sorry for your loss...Dr Feldman was an exceptional pediatrician, he always welcomed us with a warm smile, and always made the time to answer our thousands of questions...When he spoke about his children you could hear the love and affection he had for his family...And how very proud he was..We will forever remember what a true mensch he was. BDE

Balinsky - 18 days ago

What a lovely warm gentleman! Calm. Loving. Dr. Feldman was the paediatrician to my kids, Adam & Anna. A very gentle soul. Our condolences to his family. We know fond memories will sustain you. Adele & David

Edith Gold Orleans - 18 days ago

To the Feldman Family Please accept my sincerest condolences.

Robert Nabi - 18 days ago

Sincere condolences to Mrs Feldman, Howard, Andrea and Warren. I will always remember Dr. Feldman (always Dr and Mrs Feldman to me) as an incredibly warm and kind man from when I was a young child visiting the doctor's office a couple of houses down on Smart Avenue and then later in life in Vancouver when my parents and the Feldmans were reunited. Our thoughts are with you - from all the Nabi family.

Tibor KATZ - 18 days ago

Dear Feldman Family : My wife Naima and I would like to offer our sincere condolence to the entire Family during these difficult times. Dr. Feldman was a wonderful man who will be sorely missed by his family, friends and past patients. May he rest in peace.

Carin Schwartz - 18 days ago

My condolences to the entire Feldman family. Your father was an amazing man, and the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. May his memory be a blessing to you all.

Lorna and Stanley Moses - 18 days ago

Dear Feldman family: We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. Allan Feldman. He was our sons' pediatrician from the day they were born until teen agers. We will never forget what a fabulous doctor he was. May his memory be for a blessing and may he rest in peace. Lorna and Stanley

Rhona Brenner Backler (Moss) - 18 days ago

Dear Mildred and Family,My sincere condolences on the the loss of your beloved Husband,Father and Grandfather. Dr. Feldman was the most loving and caring paediatrician, of my two children, David (57) andSusan (53), born In the sixties. He has been thought of and talked about with great respect over the years. May you have no more sorrow,and may Allan Rest In Peace. Dr. Feldman left a wonderful legacy! B.D.E Rhona

Nancy Walsh - 18 days ago

My condolences to the family of Dr. Feldman. Dr. Feldman was the pediatrician to both of my children when we lived in Montreal. The children loved him, he was kind, caring and a wonderful doctor.

Debbi Silver - 18 days ago

Dear Feldman family, I am so sorry to learn of the passing of Dr. Feldman. When I was growing up on Smart Avenue, Dr. Feldman was my doctor. He was an amazing person and doctor. I have since married 54 years ago and live in Thornhill, Ont. I have never forgotten Dr. Feldman and hope your memories last all of you a lifetime. Debbi Cohen Silver